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the Open Webcomic by David Revoy

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25 july 2014

What is the fourth letter of the word nbllq? : 


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Boonsak Watanavisit 25 july 2014, 18:04

very cute story. Keep up!

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mavegap 25 july 2014, 19:34

Love the end!!! great work as always

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Cochesaurus 25 july 2014, 20:10

Awesome!! I really like the line details and background in this episode, also like the edges in the panels! really like the quality of the lines and strokes, it remembers me the classic Weenie Poo animations.

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Cfdev 26 july 2014, 22:50

Storie si really funny! I like it! And your art ... as usual magnificent.

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Maik 27 july 2014, 11:52

Really nice. Looking forward to see more of it ;)

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John 27 july 2014, 14:40

Wow, it's sooo cute.

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Nellielliel 27 july 2014, 20:56

Really well done. I look forward to seeing more!

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Elias 02 august 2014, 12:38

Great work!

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Itzcuauhtli 14 september 2014, 03:29

Wow, very cute and great job. Especially because is a mute comic, and the picture say all :D

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Andres 26 march 2015, 22:40

Aww... Man, I'm already in love with this webcomic. Keep it up!

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don spradlin 29 march 2015, 16:12

The pastel and soft imagery used for the scene backgrounds is so evocative. Pepper has come along nicely as a defined character, too. I see though, in the future episodes lines become bolder. For me this is sad to see because this episode's first panel is so well done it could compare to the works of GUSTAF TENGGREN or ARTHUR RACHAM. The opening panel is sublime in it's use of color and texture. It seems Pepper and Carrot is a evolving work and that is a good thing. Thank you for allowing me to view this wonderful story.

David REVOY Author 30 march 2015, 22:18

Thank you !

@don spradlin : Thank you for your observations, I note it and it will certainly influence my future production. You are right ; I probably went a bit less artistic on the most recent production compare to what the start of episode 2 does.
True evolution will continue !