No Inktober 2018 but a trilogy

Digital inking on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Krita on Kubuntu 18.04

Hi! It's October and many artists around the world started the Inktober challenge. I completed this challenge twice already (you can browse the artworks of last year here). But this year, I decided I won't participate in the Inktober challenge: I'll keep working hard on the future episodes of Pepper&Carrot. The future episodes are rather ambitious and I need to maximize my available time for them. I'm working on a new arc; a trilogy of episodes happening in the city of Qualicity with Pepper, Coriander and Shichimi as main characters. I named this trilogy The coronation of Coriander. So, may that be my Inktober challenge: deliver episode 27 before the end of the month! Thank you for your patience.

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J'attends avec impatience !
J'aime tout ce que vous faites !
Encore !!!

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si je puis me permettre : "I won't" et non pas "I'll not"
sinon pareil, hâte de lire de nouveaux épisodes :-)

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Ha, Merci!

link   Nelson     -

Hi, can you recommend some artists you like (and preferably with similar style to yours) which will participate?

Or even which won't... ;> In any case it'd be nice to hear about similar artists.

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Hi Nelson,
Just follow the #inktober hashtag or #inktober2018 on any social network. You'll find many quality artists cross posting on many networks. My favorite artists are mostly Japanese artist I follow on Twitter. You can find them going on my profile on Twitter, and visiting my 'likes' or the profile I follow. They have really more anime style than I do, but I dream sometime to achieve the same technical level, mood and spontaneous stroke as they do.

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Darn. There's always next year at least.

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As long as you don't forget to update us on your future non secret/suprise projects and make us think you took a HIATUS out of nowhere, take all the time you need.

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Hey Adam,
Sure, I need to be less shy and do more update with work in progress on the blog.
That's something I like with Inktober; it forced me to be active on social network, daily.
Without that type of event, I'm the type of artist who post a single toot/tweet per two weeks. xD

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When you have time, check your email, I sent another fan art =)

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Oh, at the end of this month we will see a new part of the comix! What a great news! I am really exited :-D

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