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This is character design painting of Coriander, the witch from the great Technologist Union, she's smart and a little steampunk engineer too.


link   Jo   , - Reply

Very nice. Will you paint the other participant of the potion contest ?
Well to be honest, I'll be very happy to see a paint of Shichimi and her fox.

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Jo : Thanks! Sure, Shichimi will be back in serie very soon , and Coriander *very* soon :-)

link   Jo   , - Reply

Great ! I keep an eye on my rss agregator ;-)
Have a nice day.

link   uncle Night   , - Reply

Wow, she's so cute here! Seems like she has something on her mind looking somewhere in background... I wonder if the next episode is going to have Coriander as guest once again ^^,

link   Ramel hill   , - Reply

There is a kickstarter project right now run by a person not you for printing of you pepper carrot book.

Not sure how that is working. Want to give but would rather for to you on patreon than to some one who didn't create the work.

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Ramel hill : I answered you on your other message here: … 32883163-1 , thanks for alerting.

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