Video Game Chaosah Balls by Xuan Minh PHAM

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Xuan Minh Pham, programer and pixel-artist joined by Izioq, a music composer just launched a Kickstarter project to crowdfund 10 000€ for the production of a proprietary (but DRM free) retro arcade video game, announced for PC, Mac & Linux, named Pepper&Carrot: Chaosah Balls
The game is a 2D Pang-like game with pixel-art graphism were you can play Pepper and other characters of Pepper&Carrot ( prototype screenrecorded in the video under). The project is totally approved on my side because it respect all the aspect of the Creative Commons Attribution license. A big thanks to them for consulting me before releasing the page and applying my advices and corrections. I'm not working on this production or earning money from it: it's an independent project. By backing this project you support Xuan Minh Pham and Izioq in their quest to make this cool 2D video game. I wish them good luck to crowdfund their project!

Copyright: Pixel-art used in the title created by Xuan Minh PHAM from Pepper&Carrot characters by David Revoy. Video has credit at the end.

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It looks pretty decent and I assume it will be better after the campaign. Are there plans to sell it via Steam?

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@Chalo Canaria : Yes, I think the authors speaks about it on the Kickstarter page.

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