Android e-reader app by Interactive Box

1 min quick demo on my old Galaxy Note, sorry for quality, video shot with my webcam

A young compagny, Interactive Box, used Pepper&Carrot sources and files to create a comic reader on Android mobile, smartphone and tablet.

To install the application, go to the Android app store ( Google Play ) here.

The application is smooth and focus on panels for an optimal reading comfort on small screens. Look at the description on the Google play store for a complete list of the features, and prices.

A free version contains the 12 first chapters, then Interactive Box setup a paying system inside the app for accessing to new chapters. Interactive Box will pay me half of the benefits done by the sell of the application.


link   Abdulla Emad   , - Reply

Amazing , is it only for the English ??, thank you , my nephews will love to read it

link   Alex_IB   , - Reply


Yes I'm sorry it's only in english for the moment. I'm still working on it and multilingual is one of my top priority :)

Have a good day

link   Alex_IB   , - Reply


The update is available, the application will now download data based on the user's language, if a translation exists for that language... :)

link   tika bisono   , - Reply

looks good, Let's install it

link   Alex   , - Reply

I just posted a new version of the app (I rewrote the animation part, it was causing big issue on some android version).
I hope it'll work for everyone now, and that you'll have some fun with the fifteen puzzle I added few weeks ago.

The iOS version should be available "soon", I'm waiting approvement to release it.

Have a good day

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