Libremas, greeting cards by Singpolyma

Singpolyma creates and sells greeting cards on his website Libremas with artworks from the commons. You'll find on his page a full collection of Pepper&Carrot cards to customize with your own text. You'll find also artworks of Nina Paley, Piti Yindee and Caminandes from the Blender Institute. Revenue above expenses goes to support the original artists; thanks for this project Singpolyma!

★  Sources of the illustrations in use: Holidays 2015 and Panel 1 from episode 5
★  Website:


link   Itzcuauhtli     - Reply

Wow, this is a great idea!! I hope you sell many many card, and make happy a man people, including me :D

In the other hand, I'm very happy to see the Krita's start screen :D Very Nice

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Thank you Itzcuauhtli ! Yes, I'm very flattered by this spalsh screen easter egg made by the Krita development team! Thank you for the screenshot.

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