link   valvin   Contributor, - Reply

I don't like seeing pepper in that mood but this drawing is beautiful.

She feels very upset but not sure it is not only about the rain ... However Carrot don't care and does his snap :)

link   jfebrer     - Reply

Very nice!
It would be perfect for an ex libris.

link   SJDB94     - Reply

Perfect wallpaper for my phone ^_^

link   TappedOut     - Reply

I liked this idea so much, I decided to follow suit.

link   Erick Cerritos     - Reply

Encanta este idea, es mi wallpaper tambien! ^_^

link   Truther69     - Reply

Why can I not download the enlarged version of this image?? 😒

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

I don't know, it's a common link to a jpg file.
Maybe something with your web-browser ?

link   Sharon Blackwell     - Reply

Oh i really like your wallpaper ,it looks so girly.

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