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Four day ago, I published a blog-post about the burglary of my house. Following this post, your reactions have been amazingly great and I received many messages, support and help. That's why I want to tell you today a big Merci for this. You can't imagine how it helps me to keep positive and zen. Thank you!

Bonus! mini work-in-progress


link   Kätzchen   , - Reply

A beautiful picture! I will derive it with my screens resolution and set it as my new background image.

You should think about adding it to your wallpaper category here: … wallpapers

All the best from one of your hundreds of patrons.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Hello, thank you for your support!
Good idea ; this illustration is now part of the Wallpaper category here: … wallpapers

link   CD   , - Reply

Glad you're feeling better. Stuff is just stuff, and I'm glad the people/pets you care about are still safe. Keep on working hard.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

True, the most difficult was about the old jewel of family ( without any particular value, not even gold or diamond ). Somehow this old things were transmited from generation to generation and we felt a sort of being culprit to be the failure of this chain. Especially when the item could survive WorldWar two .... and not our little house. But, sure, it's only object. I can't imagine what I would have to endure if something was happening to my family, or pets. Thank you for your message!

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