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The laptop, photo took at a first run:  apt install mypaint krita, connecting a Intuo4 ; ready to make art! 

I received yesterday this laptop from Tuxedo Computers to help me to produce Pepper&Carrot episodes with better hardware.

The spec of this TUXEDO Book XC14 are:
Memory: (DDR4 SO-DIMM): 16 GB (1x 16GB) 2400Mhz Kingston HyperX Impact
Display: 14'' Full-HD IPS 1080p
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB
HDD M.2 SSD: 500 GB Samsung 960 EVO (PCIe/NVMe)
WIFI & Bluetooth: Intel Dual AC 8265 & Bluetooth (M.2 2230)

This computer will replace my old PC (an old Dell Vostro from 2011);  it's more silent, has better CPU, graphic card, network card, disk and I can connect all my external screen and keyboard on it! So many thanks for this cool help; The Pepper&Carrot project is expanding and I need better computers around for renderfarm, hi-res digital painting, etc. For sure, I'll do a "digital-painting review" about this beast after producing a couple of artwork on it.

link   Michi     -

Maybe you or Tuxedo could help the guy's from ZeMarmot, who are currently forced to work with a 8-year old 32-bit netbook? … animation/

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Good idea, I'll transmit your message.

link   Joakim Johansson     -

That is one nice laptop you got there David, will be fun to see if it becomes a bump in quality from now on.

My self I am saving money to buy a Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro pen tablet monitor.
I think I have the same Wacom tablet as you now have, I like it and been with me a few years now, but I want a pen tablet monitor so much now.

link   SenlinOS     -

Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro, can you drive it in Linux's system? (Xorg or Wayland)

link   David Revoy   Author, -

It's not officially supported ( ) but recent Huion tablets are known so far to keep the data output pretty consistent across their other tablets model (probably to ease maintenance of their own Win/Mac driver across all their catalog of products ) ; that's why my WH1409 ( … untu-16-04 ) did work out of the box. The Digimend driver don't know how to map all the buttons, but for the coordinate and pressure it was working. I guess it will be similar with this model ; but this is a very "large guess"... Maybe they switched technology totally ; and if it is the case ; with the Digimend driver not maintained now, it's a dangerous investment for GNU/Linux usage ... Unfortunately.
If you ask Huion; they 'll pretend to do effort for "enhancing Linux driver" , but as soon as you ask to see what work they do, they'll cut discussion. They never replied to me. The commit on the official Digimend driver has no sign of their work : … its/master . So, they probably enhance it in silence ^__^ In my opinion, it's just "marketing/commercial bullshit" talk. A sample of the discussion sources on Facebook , Pepper&Carrot page (screenshot) here :

; I hope what they said in August to me was right and they really make effort for Linux. I would be happy. But in a short term, they certainly lost my respect. xD

link   Joakim Johansson     -

I run a Windows laptop, I also love to play games so that is the best thing so far (I don't like consoles) and yeah it is a "bitch" to try to try to shut down all the spying features and keep them down so to speak.

I might in the future when life have settle down some where, either in Sweden or Japan, have one computer dedicated just for gaming and one for my art and use Linux platform on that one.

David, how is Wacom drivers/support for Linux?

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Wacom driver is plug'n'play ; but the configuration (button, mapping) depends of the desktop environment. GNOME has the most advanced one, but because a lot of distro are mostly tested and bug fixed by dev without tablet ; it often breaks and bugs are considered low priority. Same for color-calibration. But it will probably goes better and better.

link   Chloe     -

Congratulations! I'm so happy to see Pepper &Carrot doing well. Can't wait for new episodes. Thank you for bringing these sweet comics to us.

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Chloe! After this little pause for Contributopia and Spring ; I'm back working on the future episode! Thanks for your words and patience!

link   Alberto Chavez     -

Can't say I'm surprised, awesome things deserve awesome things, so you just wait for more awesomeness to come. Congratulations!!!

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Alberto!

link   SenlinOS     -

This is really a good beast! Running Krita on the old computer, Krita would be like a bulky giant tank, really need such a beast to push it :)

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Yes, I'm eager to try to compile Krita 4.x~dev on this one, or render an episode of Pepper&Carrot on renderfarm ; I'll probably save 5min here and there on many long process. And if digital painting is smooth enough ; I'll switch Pepper&Carrot sources page to use 16bit depth colors and larger resolution to prepare Pepper&Carrot for the future of hi-res color and pixels ! A cool project.

link   Alexander Lisovsky     -

Are you going to upgrade to 2x16 Gb of RAM in foreseeable future? Because otherwise that's an odd choice of memory configuration, since 2x8 dual-channel DIMMs are faster than 1x16 single-channel and they cost the same, according to Tuxedo website. … el-memory/

link   David Revoy   Author, -

It's good to know the laptop can be upgraded ; but 16GB is enough for my needs ( 8GB is enough but limit with Krita when I open 7 pages of Pepper&Carrot side to side ).

link   valvin   Contributor, -

Nice computer :)

I've read that Nvidia GPU was difficult to use on Linux distros is it right ?

I've browsed Tuxedo's offer and it seems really cool but unfortunately it is only in german. I hope they will translate their website in english and/or french :)

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Hey Valvin!
It's a new reality, but from 2009 to 2016 ; Nvidia was the best GPU for GNU/Linux professional graphics user ( Krita artist, Blender artist ) because of the performance of their proprietary driver. With now Wayland around, and AMD getting a better open driver ( during a long time, AMD was "hell" on Linux ), Nvidia proprietary driver is getting bad press. They merit this bad press, no doubt about it ; but a lot of distro ( 'buntu based ) and a lot of desktop environment still manage very well specific Nvidia GPU (not all, but some of them). I'll test the one with this computer for sure and give feedback about it ! :-)

link   David Revoy   Author, -

A little follow-up after my previous comment ( and mostly ; after 3 days of painful install process xD ).
Ok, there is two world:
- Nvidia graphic card connected classic on a motherboard, PCIe
- Nvidia Primus thing , twin with a Intel GPU on motherboard and crazy rules on motherboard to switch to do the scaling of performances...
Unfortunately, this laptop has the second option.
To also improve difficulty, I found by playing randomly with the BIOS, this one needs to disable UEFI and Secure Boot to enable a Display Port for external monitor. My setup needs four monitors. Two is mostly ok on GNU/Linux. Three is largely untested... Four and everything collapse around. Even the GNOME display setting can't handle it. It was developped for 2 screen maximum probably...

But; Nvidia proprietary driver, 384; solve many issues and I'm lucky it's easy to install in Ubuntu 17.10 ; it's just a "sudo apt install nvidia-384". I had to setup the screen using a xrandr script. It works, but sure, it wasn't easy. Time to report to various project the bug I met on the way to allow future user to get the easy experience! :)

link   Dirk     -

Congratiulations too, to Your Wondermachine :)

I´m about to set up my new Computer and have no glue, which linux distro is the right choice for Wacom Bamboo and Krita, because until now I was using Windows.

Which Distro are You using actual on Your Machine? Is it Ubuntu 17.10?

Thanks a lot for Your answer and thanks for Your wonderful Comic.

Greetings from Germany


link   David Revoy   Author, -


Yes, I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 right now; It's probably not the easiest distribution, but I have my habit with ppa, apt, and way the package are handled.
It's also a distro that will die after 6 month ( in April ) so, maybe not a good choice if you want a system you can use a bit longer.

If your Wacom Bamboo is not too recent ; (before 2016) , and you look for a soft first experience of Linux ; you can probably try Linux Mint and run Krita appimage on it (to get latest version). It has a lot of comfort, nice panel to setup the tablet (even if not a lot of feature in it ) but it works. And you might also get functional webcam, printer, mp3 playback, file sharing to your other computer on network via Samba and all this little details that make a good distro. Linux Mint team really care for the users. Manjaro too, but they struggle a bit more. Other distro ( Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSuse ), I have the feeling they try to abuse of their userbase as a cheap meat for free beta-testing.

You'll probably be a bit shocked most of the distro don't have a panel to setup the tablet. Eg. a good distro could be also Manjaro KDE ; latest KDE, latest Krita stable , etc... But no easy configuration. All needs to be done with xsetwacom script (not really complicated, but can be a show stopper for someone coming from WIndows). Good luck with it!

link   Dirk     -

Thank You very much.
Until now I´ve only used Puppy Linux for an older Internet-Notebook and there was not much to configurate.

I had an eye on Linux Mint KDE, but did not know, if that works fine with Krita.

It seems, I have to spend more time with Linux, but for me it´s the better choice, though my lack of deeper Linux-Knowledge.

Your tips help me very much.

Have a nice Weekend and further fun with Your work

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you, have a nice week end too!

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