The end of the weekly LIVE stream

picture: nine covers side by side of the Live-stream

Hey, I decided to stop producing the Weekly Wednesday LIVE streams. Thanks again to all of you who watched them (live, or on replay). It was a very cool and fun experience! This weekly habit I started in February of 2018 was very fruitful: there are now ten long videos available for replay.

I also decided I'll replace this weekly habit with a new habit: short video tutorials. Not everyone has time to follow a 1-hour-and-a-half or 2-hours live stream and I want to get back to the production of short videos to teach digital painting with FLOSS tools. Making them in a single afternoon is a new challenge, but after those ten weekly live streams I feel more confident with my video tools and media. I hope it will work.

For sure, I'll keep doing live streams from time to time, but more occasionally (e.g. between each episode, episode 25 is coming soon!). Thanks again to everyone who participated, contributed, and helped me make those ten episodes of live streaming! I hope you'll like what is coming next, and I'll post my results on social networks as usual.


link   Mark Pajo     - Reply

I think this is my unlucky day...
I thought there will be an 11th livestream, so I tried my best to draw a fan art before the scheduled stream time. I was very excited and hyping out when the time was just few minutes left before the "eleventh livestream" began... but I was wrong :(
(I even prepared food and stuffs so I can enjoy watching it...)

Oh well... hopefully you will set the schedules of the future livestreams and announce it earlier, like a month before it will start.
And btw, here is the fan art I made … -744118975 I hope you like it :3

link   Jeanjeanjean     - Reply

this is a great fanart, capturing the essence of Carrot's while adding your own drawing style :) love the vibrating effect you gave to the silhouette, makes it very lively

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Aww... Sorry about it.
I had the feeling the live-stream was beneficial to only a small part of my followers who have time budget to follow long video and can sync with the live date and hour. It was hard for me to see that my videos and tutorial were slowly dying next to that while I was recording a lot of tips lost in the middle of the duration of this long live-streams.
Be sure I'll redo live-streaming , but more between episode, because I really liked the Q&A part of them.
Thanks again for your loyalty following all the stream! Your drawing of Carrot is really good, and I placed it on the fan-art category of the blog already. (good use of the texture ;-)

link   Mark Pajo     - Reply

@Jeanjeanjean Thank you! I really like the part when Pepper used Carrot's pee sample to scare the oversized-posh-zombie-canary, it was very funny! So why not draw a fan-art about it :P

@David Revoy Ohh I understand, live streams can be a very good way to give advice to people because of the real-time step-by-step tutorial/process of how you draw, but it's not always a good idea as only some people can watch it live, or maybe others only want short tutorials instead.
Surely I will try my best to join your next stream, I love to ask questions especially from a professional artist! (By the way thank you for answering my question about the difference between Gaussian blur and 'Normal' blur :-)
And thanks for adding my fan-art into the category, I am very happy to see my art being included into the gallery! (Hahaha guess what, I just learned the texture from your last live stream XP )

link   Luch 4     - Reply

This is good decision. In this case, may be you will have more time for the comics itselfs.

link   Châu     - Reply

I hope ask you about Spring Blender project, or do a video about it. I want learn how you create concept art for open movies.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

That's a very good topic ; and I think I still have somewhere the video screenrecord rush of a concept-art made with Andy together. It probably just need to be accelerate and add audio comment on the top to describe what is happening ; I must study if the process was good. Thanks for submitting an idea!

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