Translating characters names

Is it possible to change the characters' names for a translation?

Sure, you can. For the French translation, I kept the english 'Carrot' because the French name "Carotte" is feminine. I kept 'Pepper' and didn't use the translation 'Poivre' or 'Poivron' because it sounds like an insult French-speakers may throw at a drunkard, 'Poivrot!'.

The reference file

To keep track of all international names while you translate the episodes, you can fill this spreadsheet "translation-names-references.fods" at the root of the webcomics repository. It's a *.fods file you can open with LibreOffice Calc.

You can save your modification to this file and send it back on the webcomics repository the same way as you would do for proposing a translation. More information on editing and uploading a file on the "Method using a Web browser" page.