Custom fonts

You can add to the Pepper&Carrot Framagit repository new fonts for your language.


The fonts need to be published under a free license or released in the public domain.
The following font licenses are accepted:

  • Public domain fonts
  • GNU/GPL fonts
  • CC-0 fonts
  • CC-BY fonts
  • SIL Open Font License (OFL)

Font information

To ease the storage of the font on the project and its maintenance, it is convenient to also keep the following information in the repository:

  • Author name or nickname of the font (File Fontname.COPYRIGHT)
  • Link to the source website distributing the font. (File Fontname.COPYRIGHT)
  • License file itself, txt version. (File Fontname.LICENSE)

For the formatting, look how it is done for other fonts in the repository here.


Sources for finding new open fonts: