link   Raghavendra Kamath   , - Reply

Hahahaha the end :). you always surprise us.

link   bloodywing   , - Reply

My heart! Poor pepper :(

link   Cyrille Largillier   , - Reply

Très bon épisode. Merci !

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply


@Cyrille Largillier : Merci spécial ! ;-)

link   Aaron   , - Reply

I guess you could say the godmothers were...



link   Kamean   , - Reply

Amazing! What a surprise! ^_^

link   Binh Pham   , - Reply

I love this kind of ending, so diverse.

link   Jooncat   , - Reply

Aww, poor Pepper! Great comic, I love it!

link   Mariana Flores   , - Reply

i so not see that coming!!!
I was so high up for romance.

link   Juan José Segura   , - Reply

Gotta love Cayenne!!!

link   Willem   , - Reply

These unexpected endings are what I love about Pepper&Carrot :D And the awesome art of course! Great episode once again, I'm still laughing :D

link   Bill   , - Reply

Hold on, when she kissed him, did she turn him into a toad? Because that'd be hilarious.

link   Chalo   , - Reply

hehehe, poor Pepper :P
I was wondering who her parents were. Great episode, David ;)
Oh, and I send you an e-mail to info@davidrevoy.com. I don't know if you received it.

link   Phlynx   , - Reply

For a second, I thought this was going to become a romance comic. I'm happy it didn't. Good ending.

link   bitflipper   , - Reply

Great episode! You caught me completely by surprise and had me laughing aloud by the end, even with Pepper's tears of distress.

O-kay, so we know Cayenne's and Cumin's names; who's the white-haired Witch of Chaosa? Angelica? Rue? Yarrow, perhaps?

link   bitflipper   , - Reply

By the way, since Pepper pretty much embodies contradictions, being a witch of Chaosah and of Hippiah at opposite sides of Hereva's Triangle of Magic, could she not also embody the contradiction of being a _nice_ Witch of Chaosah?

link   Itz   , - Reply

Jajajajajajajajaja poor Pepper, she just wanted a little kiss, but no, her godmothers trolling her XD

Très bon épisode ;D

link   Alexis Rodea   , - Reply

Excellent work! Is there an option to donate using paypal?

link   poke9dude   , - Reply

stop being so mean, cayenne weatherwax

link   sam   , - Reply

Why are you not on taptastic?

link   sam   , - Reply


link   bitflipper   , - Reply

@poke9dude: Remember the Esme Weatherwax isn't mean, per se; she just does what is needed, when it's needed, without silly sentimentality. But never without compassion. Perhaps Cayenne address herself in the same way; she may believe that to command and to be the best requires one to be hard.

Maybe Pepper can show her that there are other ways...

link   libre fan   , - Reply

Il n'y aurait pas une faute dans la version FR, Page 2: http://www.peppercarrot.com/fr/article3 … osah#page2 «Tais-toi» sans S?

Au diable ces sorcières :-(

link   M1dgard   , - Reply

@libre fan
Opened a pull request :)
https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_ … on/pull/11

link   Sprofy   , - Reply

Thanks... lovely...

link   agario   , - Reply

stop being so mean, cayenne weatherwax

link   Émilien   , - Reply

@libre fan
non pas de faute.
http://leconjugueur.lefigaro.fr/conjuga … taire.html

Très beau travail sur cet épisode une fois de plus !

link   Salsa   , - Reply

This is so beautiful and fun to read. Please pleeeease more. What is going to happen to Pepper?
I really can't wait. :-)

link   Waaat   , - Reply

Did she just try to rape him?!?!

link   libre fan   , - Reply

@Émilien - malentendu: «tais-tois» était une faute (S à toi) mais «tais-toi» est bon.

link   Nina   , - Reply

@Waaat: It's safer to assume that Pepper was merely trying to kiss him. This is a family friendly comic with no PG-13 or R-18 content.

link   Drina   , - Reply

Ahh. I'm romantic. My ideas... You broke my heart....

link   Anonamoose   , - Reply

I can't wait for the next one, which by my estimations, should be coming in the next few days.

link   MuserMini   , - Reply

Desperately waiting for the next episode! You're just amazing <3 <3

link   Banyar Oo   , - Reply

Haha....romantic and funny

link   Moses   , - Reply

Haha Nice ending.

link   Moses   , - Reply

Haha Nice ending.

link   Budi Raharja   , - Reply


link   Erick Cerritos   , - Reply

This is fantastic, I discovered your comics recently and love them so much in Spanish and English!

link   Fiore   , - Reply

Hahaha, whose first reaction to seeing an attractive guy sleeping is to just walk up and kiss them on the mouth?

link   Aaron   , - Reply

Because I'm sure that joke isn't centuries-old...

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