Pepper&Carrot is now on Liberapay

Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform founded in 2015 by Changaco and Zatalyz under a non-profit organization. The mission of Liberapay is to propose a service where you can patron projects or individuals who contribute to the commons and make things that benefits everyone. Liberapay does not take a cut of payments, the service is funded by the donations to its own account. In a nutshell and with too many shortcuts and simplifications: it's "an open-source Patreon". The project is young, fresh, full of good energy and built around a good ethic: I can see this platform become the ideal place to manage a single wallet and fund many Free/Libre and Open-source projects with micro-donations. It just needs more profile pages of open-source projects in my opinion. That's why It was evident to me to create a profile and propose it to you as an additional alternative to patron Pepper&Carrot.

Donate to Pepper&Carrot on Liberapay here: 


link   Jorge   , - Reply

Great move! The other day I was thinking about this and wanted to ask you whether you had considered free/libre alternatives to Patreon. You almost read my mind!

link   Irina   , - Reply

The only disadvantage is that you won't know who we are; everybody who transfers their donation from Patreon to Liberapay will disappear from your sight. Do they at least tell you how many donors you have so you can put the number in the donors list?

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Yes, that's right. I agree; It's a pretty big disadvantage for building the credit list. That's why I still prefer to focus on Patreon for the main platform. Liberapay is an alternative for the category "hidden fairies " on Patreon who already wants to be anonymous. I probably could explain it better.

link   kronos   , - Reply

I like to be a hidden fairy. It suits to P&C very well :) I avoided Patreon because of the tax I had to pay. Now it is only a transfer fee and as I figured out, paying by card is cheaper than regular bank transfer for me :O We are in EU and still... so huge bank transfer fee.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Thank you for your support Kronos!

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