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Mobilizon Avatar Generator:

A random generator of fenestars avatar pictures, first released here on October 2020 and made by David Revoy over the original MonsterID by Andreas Gohr's. A project sponsored by Framasoft for Mobilizon 🦊

Sources: Download 2020_mobilizon-generator.zip source ZIP here

License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Attribution for the artworks: 'David Revoy' with the following exception:
    - No need attribution if you use it for your personal avatar (eg. avatar on your social-medias, forum, blog post, etc...). However, if you propose it to all the users of your website/App/Software, please provide the attribution in the footer of the page or in the credits.
    - Please don't use my art for NFTs, this infringe my moral right (read this blog-post I wrote if you wonder why). If you find my work as NFTs: please report it. I'm not the uploader of the NFT. You can support my art via patronage or donation here.

Note: The PHP code part of the source ZIP is licensed under the short and simple permissive MIT License, you can also find the code on a Git repository here.

Change log:

- 2021-12 Refactor: modularize code.
- 2021-07 Refactor to prevent DDOS.
- 2016-11 Creation.

All my avatar generators:

- Cat avatar (2016)
- Abstract avatar (2017)
- Bird avatar (2019)
- Mobilizon avatar (2020)

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