Pepper&Carrot Linux O.S.

image data/images/lab/2015-04-01_peppercarrot-OS.jpg
I'm preparing a new Linux distribution Ubuntu-based around the theme of Pepper&Carrot : Pepper&Carrot Linux O.S.

The desktop environment is a heavy customization of Cinnamon, with the wonderful pixel-art icon theme from Henrique Lazarini .

You can already test the beta version : peppercarrotlinuxOS_beta-0.2.25.iso  version 32bit and 64bit.
Burn it on a DVD, or write the ISO to a USB drive, it should be compatible with pretty many hardware ( based on LTS 14.04 ).
( note: screenshot is still work-in-progress at version 0.2.25 , more soon )

Contributors welcome on my official Git repository .
Thanks for your test !

link   Pyves     -

I really like it! Can't wait to see the final version... ;-)
(more seriously, why not a P&C theme for linux? could be very nice :-) )
Thanks for your work David!

link   Leonardo     -

Is this an april fool?

link   Maren     -

Love the icons you chose :) What's that font? And which program will be launched when I click on the blue potion? And will you also offer support? Can I manage my scroll collection with it, maybe with a derivative of calibre? Ah - so many questions - I just *must* have this! ;)

link   nburgin     -

@Leonardo for the answer to your question, try clicking the link to the git repository.

link   Pato Acevedo     -

Sadly this is only a joke.

link   Cestarian     -

This would have been so cool though. I really like what you did with the fonts, and these icons rock! might be of use to me one day even.

link   pato Acevedo     -

Well, this is my Elementary Os (Ubuntu based distro) tuned with a Pepper&Carrot Os style. … VnxLTWDqnJ

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@pato Acevedo : Wow ; looking good! I think I'll update the wallpapers really soon :)

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