First printed version by Cfdev

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This article gather all the projects of printed version of Pepper&Carrot.

1st publishing in the real-world :

Cfdev , a contributor and supporter of Pepper&Carrot, printed a version of episode 1 to episode 6 using the online printing service Vistaprint . He is now the first owner and creator of a printed comic of Pepper&Carrot. A collector :-) He sent photos to me to show the result ( photo CC-By Cfdev ).

His blog post in french about it :

the cover

episode 2

episode 6

End-note :

And you, have you got a publishing project using Pepper&Carrot sources ? Commercial publishing or free/open projects , feel free to send me an email and I'll list your project here !

link   uncle Night     -

Makes me want to touch it :)

It feels so natural to see your comic printed, David - @Cfdev made very high-quality work!
I'm excited to have thick comic book of P&C with at least 20 episodes in it - the kind of book to gather kids all around and read it out loud :)

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@uncle Night : haha, I also read out-loud and tries to do the voices of my favorite panels. I can ear them in my head :D

link   cfdev     -

@uncle Night : yeah, it's amazing! My son love his book and he tries to make potions and enchantments :)

link   Craig     -

I have just done 6 little mini comics of the 8 episodes (1&2, 3&4 are together)
Here are some really badly taken images of them.

link   Daniel Forsythe     -


I would love to get some prints (or a poster) for my niece, she's really in to fantasy at the moment. Do you know when this will go into full production? I'm sure a company like Waterstones would be interested in this.

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@Daniel Forsythe :
Hi Daniel, thank you.
For posters , I have only two at the moment :

1. "Usermanual"

2. "Flying around Komona"

You'll find on deivantArt print many way to customise the size, and printing.
If you thought about another artwork, feel free to tell me the one you would like and I'll add it to deviant-art.

Now for the comic itself, I'm still looking for a good 'printer/publisher/distributor' to partner with.
A little structure, with good ethic on paper/printing quality, and with part of benefit going to a charity organisation ( eg. especially one to plant new trees, or one to take care of abandonned cats )
I plan to get this research over by the start of autumn. Thank you for your patience!

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