link   bitflipper     -

Poor Carrot just doesn't seem to have much luck when it comes to his plots involving Pepper's potions, does he?

I like that Pepper's security systems all seem to have a sense of humor!

link   kram1032     -

@bitflipper well except for that once where he went flying.
Cute comic once again :)

link   Victor Llore     -

This episode was so funny. The illustrations are awesome like ever.

link   Bonaventura Aditya Perdana     -

*facepalm detected* :3

link   Ice Raven     -

Mega Cute! A real chuckle with A warm ending ! ;)

link   Juan José     -

It is great when there is a new episode!

Dragoncow and Dragonelk! Sooo cool!

link   Jo     -

Ahah :D the security system ! I hadn't guessed ! Congratulation !
Hopefully Carrot is there to help our inattentive Pepper... but poor nude Carrot !

The comic is still amazingly well painted.
Fantastic strip once again.

link   Nahuel     -

JAJAJA ^ ~^ great work

link   Viole(n)t     -

aww this is sooo cute!!! :3

link   Rei-kun     -

I'll do the indonesian translation. This is my first time translating webcomic, and I'm really excited! :) I'll let you know if I'm done.

link   Rei-kun     -

I'm done translating it to Indonesia :) Please check my translation file at

link   Kamean     -

Ha-ha-ha - it's absolutely brilliant, cute and amazing! Nya! =^_^=

Poor Pepper... :(

link   Kamean     -

Sorry for typo - poor Carrot...

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@Victor Llore , @Ice Raven , @Nahuel , @Kamean: Thank you !

@bitflipper : Haha, yes, potion with Carrot is often a really hazardous mix.

@kram1032 : You are right ! Episode 1 ( and 4 ) are probably the two most positive effect potions.

@Viole(n)t : Oh, you here! thanks ;-)

@Jo : Thank you Jo !

@Juan José : yes, Dragonelk/dragon-moose, I must start a creature wiki :D Thx for the comment.

@Rei-kun : Wow, good work, I added the translation to the website :) thanks!

link   Andrés C.     -

You keep topping yourself. This episode was a whole other level of quality. Keep it up! :D

link   Hashsquid     -

Dang...such good artwork!!!

I'm nowhere near as good...but if you ever wanted to collab I'd love to! :)

Here's my latest: … _the_lion/

link   Rei-kun     -

Your welcome! By the way I just fix the translation, hope it's better than before. Already updated the file at

Please apply the new fixed ID translation if you have time :) I only edit title, panel 02 and panel 07.

link   David REVOY   Author, -

Thanks you @Andrés C. and @Hashsquid.

@Rei-kun : Perfect ; it should be online in 5min and I just updated the lang-pack as well.

link   Rei-kun     -

@DavidREVOY : Thank you so much for fast reply! also it seems you forgot to update the thumbnail pic (it still using the old translation not the new one), sorry if I'm being too bothersome :'(

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@Rei-kun : Hey :) no problem and thank you for the report, I updated it ( and no problem for wanting it to be correct ). By the way ; Bonaventura Aditya Perdana who did the other Indonesian translation told me on IRC today he 'll send antoher pass of correction over your translation.

link   Rei-kun     -

I really want to thank him very much for correcting my translation :) I'll wait till you update the corrected translation.

link   Itz     -

XD jajajajaja great episode, and it explains all about previous episode. Poor pets, specially Carrot: he want to do a good actions, but everyone was hairless at the end.

link   libre fan     -

Je me joins aux autres :-) Très beau et drôle
J'ai corrigé une petite faute de grammaire: P07 — mis le fichier sur ton espace kde.share

je m'attelle à la traduction en EO. À bientôt.

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@libre fan : Thank you ! Merci, je vais corrigé ça de suite. :)

link   libre fan     -

P03: c'est presque du Sylvain et Sylvette (en plus sophistiqué bien sûr). Charmant :-)

P06: très bonne et jolie idée 1. des cadres originaux et 2. ça dessine la fenêtre vitrail et nous on découvre la scène à travers, par petits bouts.

P01: personnellement, j'aimais mieux la maison dans le style E02 ou E04 ou les tons de la forêt (E07) mais c'est bien aussi de nous montrer toutes sortes de styles. Et bravo d'arriver à remettre les différents détails de cette maison vraiment incroyable.

link   anonymous     -

Have you taught about pitching this to the blender cloud?

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@libre fan : Merci ! Le style va évoluer encore un petit peu, mais je commence à graviter de plus en plus vers un même but :)

@anonymous : Already done ;-) Blender Foundation is following Pepper&Carrot and we already started discussion about it ; but it will probably take time : Pepper&Carrot is really graphically rich and a single episode of it could be harder to translate in 3D than "Sintel the movie" itself I guess , very technical. I'll give news in any case if something start about it.

link   Nina     -

It's been two comics and the names of the other witches' pets have not been revealed. Hope David Revoy gives them names in future chapters.

Btw I have enjoyed all of the comics here. This one, in particular, really made me laugh because of how the tables have been turned. The comics started out with the other witches hating Pepper and Carrot playing with the other pets, but Carrot's plan to make the other witches like Pepper again worked against him (even if it succeeded in solving Pepper's friendship problem), because now the other pets hate Carrot for their fur and feather loss.

Btw am I supposed to call Carrot a "pet" or a "familiar" (as in a witch's familiar)?

link   David REVOY   Author, -

@Nina :Hi Nina, thank you!
The names of the other 'familiar' ( yes, they are more than pet for the 4 witches ) are already wrote in the (new) wiki : , and I hope I'll find good scene to make their owner call them to reveal names.
Next episode coming next week will be a 'Summer Special' , in September other witches will be back.

link   Alexandra     -

Awe, those sweet little familiars are such team players! Of course the twist at the end got poor Carrot in trouble, hahah! Loved this episode

link   northierthanthou     -

Heh, No good deed...

link   mamzellebegonia     -


link   Justice     -

So amazing! Nice dude....

link   Nina     -

Hi David. Thanks for the link on the familiars' names and for thinking of possible future scenes to make the other witches call their familiars' names. Also, amusing Chapter 9 special where the protagonists save the day. I look forward to the return of the other witches and their familiars :)

link   Cthulhu     -

J'adore toujours autant :D

link   vm     -

wow, amazing!! I love this look! : D

link   Bto132     -

Genial comic! muy bueno y gracioso!

Felicidades y saludos!

link   Bto132     -

Jajajaja me mate de la risa con la ultima parte!!!

gran Comic Saludos!! felicidades!

link   alicia     -

no es nada mas ni nada menos magnifico

link   Candy     -

this is soo adorable! great job David!

link   Tide     -

I LOVE THESE COMICS!!!! I wonder if the pets will ever forgive Carrot

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