The Golem by Juan José Segura

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Do you look for an open comic scenario of Pepper&Carrot to draw or illustrate ?
... or do you write and/or want to help perfecting a scenario ?
... or do you just want to read a new Pepper&Carrot story ?

Then this fan-fiction is for you ; Juan José Segura wrote a fan-fiction scenario in two part named "The Golem". The scenario is already cut panel by panel, and released as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 so you can share it, modify it, re-blog, illustrate under the CC-By rules...

Links :

"The Golem" part 1/2

"The Golem" part 2/2

( Note : I preferred to not copy/paste his original text here. I just propose the two direct links to his blog entry. This way Juan José can still edit his text and blog post. Thanks Juan José for this contribution ! )

link   Juan José Segura     -

It is always great fun to write scripts for Pepper and Carrot :)

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