link   LuckyLuigi     - Reply

I love it ! :)

link   Daubiht     - Reply

Génial !
Au début je me disais que c'était bizarre que ça soit autant "badass".
Encore plus bizarre quand tout se passait à merveille.
Encore pire quand elle... Et puis tout s'explique d'un coups ! xD

Lors de la 6eme image, le manque de perspective du parapluie de lumière m'a prit du temps pour comprendre c'que c'était.
Sinon très belle qualité !

link   Jo     - Reply

An RPG Pyjama Party ! That's great !

I love the Shishimi's design, especially the magic staff <3.

link   Anonymous     - Reply


link   Lise-Lotte     - Reply

Awesome! I really like Shichimi's "floating umbrella" skill on page 3 :)

link   Chalo Canaria     - Reply

I don't know why but traditional RPGs are getting popular again.
I'd really like to see Pepper in a real fight. Hope to see it soon.
Great episode, David!

link   Sam     - Reply

Great! I love it! :)

link   Philippe     - Reply

Beautiful, simply beautiful !!!

link   Daulat     - Reply

Hahaha, gotta love carrot. Beautiful David. Love your whimsical style of painting.

link   Ronounours     - Reply

Awesome ! The rendering gets better episode after episode.
Keep up the great work!

link   Wander     - Reply

Fantastic! Beautifully done, as always. And what a twist!

link   Itz     - Reply

Jajajajajajajaja, the final was magnifique. I simply don't think in this plot-twist (almost the comic title say the general idea)

And the face of Pepper defeat by the knight, that's not have price XD

link   Artur Bueno     - Reply

Simply amazing!! Your work is espetacular! Congratz!!!

link   Skarfester     - Reply

Good art and even better story!

link   Mike     - Reply

I like the "in-game" artwork a bit better than the usual artwork. However, I think the "... it was all a game" is going to become a cliche quickly. Already been done for a LARP in the weregeek comics. Which begs the question of whether we'll see Pepper doing a LARP? She should do GREAT costumes!

link   Nauard     - Reply

Superbe !
On voit que la qualité s'est encore améliorée !!
Bravo pour les lumières et les éclairages.

link   Giuseppe     - Reply

Bello l'episodio! Sei bravissimo David. Questo episodio mi è piaciuto tanto perchè amo i giochi di società e mi piacciono i disegni.

link   Sunny     - Reply

Beautifully drawn, but say, is there any chance of getting a "clean" picture of the pixie sitting on the die? I'm hesitating to install Krita and looking through the source files just for that.

link   Sunny     - Reply

Oh god, I'm so sorry for the spam. I thought it wasn't sending properly when the text and name just seemed to disappear from the fields.

link   libre fan     - Reply

I like the way David plays with the tradition of beasts, horrific castles and heroic fights, and rather ridiculous ghosts in hoods :lol:
After all, fiction is mainly about «as if».
And the strip is a nice reminder of the power of imagination and of role playing.

I like the two intertwined narrative layers, that of the game being played and that of the bedroom pyjama party, and the funny contrast between the trite dialogue and the heavy dynamic action, and the beautiful decor.

Beautiful colours and lighting, too.
Great episode, David.

link   meow     - Reply

meow meow

link   Keegan     - Reply

Maybe we should play D&D sometime. XD

link   Rachael     - Reply

OMG! I LOVE IT!! Thank you!

link   Ice Raven     - Reply

Super NIFTY ! ;)

link   Vicky Z     - Reply

My favourite to date--so reminiscent of my own high school witchy D&D experience :) I love it!

link   Nina     - Reply

Thank you to the commenters who mentioned Dungeons and Dragons. I was totally clueless with the board game that the three witches were playing. I meant to ask David Revoy what that game was but I forgot. Still, I don't mind if he tells us what makes Pepper's version of D & D different from the ones that we play here.

This comics was interesting. I knew right from the start that Pepper and her friends were playing an RPG, but I thought they were in some kind of "enchanted" (i.e. "virtual reality" or "hologram") room where they battled with "fake" monsters inside the castle for fun.

I have two questions about this episode:

1. Are all of Coriander's castle servants robots, or does she have human staff?
2. Why is Saffron not part of the party? Did Coriander invite her to the pyjama party or not? (Or will those questions be answered in future episodes?)

Btw lovely artwork. Also, nice to see a portrait of baby Coriander.

link   Alex     - Reply

This! Is! Awesome!

link   savant     - Reply

That comic is awesome! I love it!

link   don     - Reply

It is spelled pajamas.

link   rananda     - Reply

terima kasih atas terjemahannya saya suka komik ini ceritanya bagus!!

link   Eleanor     - Reply

Brilliant as ever. I do love the whimsy in your webcomics.

link   Ron     - Reply

Beautifully done. enjoying the prose, art & rendering ... delightful! :)

link   cablop     - Reply

I like it, so much xD. I like the drawings! Those girls are charming. And the end! I was wondering the whole time where was carrot until, bam! He's there!

I, however, suggest the title must be fixed for spanish. The title must be: "La Piyamada" or "La Pijamada" instead of "La fiesta del pijama", we don't say it that way. Maybe "Fiesta de Pijamas" would work too.

link   cablop     - Reply

I forgot to mention. I'd prefer in translations to spanish the translators keep the original names rather than making new ones. It makes us difficult to understand to who they're talking about in the comments (e.g., i don't know who this Saffron is).

link   Somebody     - Reply

I like this webcomic

link   Samuel     - Reply

I love your style, It's very funny to read this comics. The environment details, the lighting, the story telling. I can see that you do this with passion.

I do not have drawing skills to colaborate with the art, but when I discovered your work, I got the motivation to colaborate in the Krita's project as a Developer/Debugger.

This is going to be very interesting, my art is in the code.

link   Shrek     - Reply

He broke the 4th wall! :o

link   seo metrix     - Reply

Amazing work and good luck

link   northierthanthou     - Reply

Lol, been there.

link   Delilah     - Reply

In the lasy panel, on the left, is the robot a subtle nod to the Amulet series?

link   David REVOY   Author, - Reply

It's not, I even had to search internet about it.
But you are right to ask; sometime I do subtle references ( eg. http://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article3 … #c0369-239 ) and I'm happy to reveal them. :)

link   Nicolas Disquin     - Reply

Great, I love this comic and Dungeons and Dragons

link   Bto132     - Reply

Uno de mis favoritos!!!

Gran final jajajaja!

link   shemart     - Reply

Прекрасно все выполнено

link   LOLCAT     - Reply

Carrot would do anything to save Pepper!

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