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About the story, it's the fourth story of the "witches of Chaosah". Ep12 was about Cayenne, ep13 was about Cumin and now ep15 is a bit about Thyme. This episode introduce a new 'technology' in the little world of Pepper&Carrot and the real theme are: video, erotism and parental control, video-games, bugs, blue-screen-of-death, coding/fixing, network and the World Wide Web. It was a little challenge to insert this elements in the fantasy world of Hereva.
About what I experimented: I'm back to storytelling with wide panel only, it's easier to read, but it add more pages to draw ( it's a 8 pages long story, I usually draw around 6 ). I also experimented with framing and cropping to be more cinematic and I try to treat light and color as an actor. It's also a rare time where I use the 'parody' humor form in a episode, doing many reference to internet, computers and our world.

I hope you'll like this one! Feel free to let me know your reaction, I'll be around.

link   Phillipvargas     -

Hello may I ask you a Barton idea if you want to hear it it's about your story well here it is you see pepper is a girl but I wonder what happens if she meets a young Warlock boy of her age.

link   Pow     -

This is SPOT ON hilarious! The up to date reference really "cracked" the nuts LOL!
I see how pepper likes and diverted to playing with unicorns, and the things it symbolizes.
awesome trolling!

link   Brett McCoy     -

Obviously they re-installed the crystal ball with Linux

link   Nicolas Carrier     -

Merci, j'ai hâte de le lire avec ma petite fille ce soir ^^

link   Raghavendra Kamath     -

nice episode :) and nicely fused with the world in the comics.

link   Kaylebor     -

Of course, they keep the World Wide Web running.

link   Sonia     -

i laughed so much at what the old witch was looking at! and thats how we have the interwebs i see! you have such a great sense of humor and wit.

link   Wladimir Kowtun     -

Kernel Panic or Blue Screen of Death? :V

link   cfdev     -

Hi David, even without characters dialogs we understand and appreciate this story!
i like the blue screen! Lol
the design of carrot is more smooth than usually!

link   Chalo Canaria     -

Écran bleu de la mort, écran tactile...
Alors ca c'est Windows ou Android? Je suis confus, maintenant

A-t-il Linux dans Hereva?

link   Nicolas CARRIER     -

Super, comme toujours !

link   Gear Builder     -

Another great episode =j Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

link   Jtyhyy     -


link   Lexi     -

What is the unicorn platformer they dug up? A Robot Unicorn Attack persiflage? If so, it looks better than the original. Would like to play it. ^^

link   Dandy     -

I think this is the cutest episode yet! Best little detail is the on/off switch on the crystal ball. :) Thanks so much for sharing your comic once again!

link   bloodywing     -

OMG so funny. I like the new ideas.

link   还是那个逗比     -


link   还是那个逗比     -


link   Kamean     -

It's so cute and funny! =^_^=

link   SamWang     -

Very nice. There is something I don't understand... As far as I know, there is no blue screen of the death that appear on Slitaz. You know : the GNU/Linux for spiders :)

Perhaps the witch is a beginner with balls and she had installed Windows... That would be an allegory of our world : you are close to the source of free software that would set you free but you sometimes you ignore it. Free yourselves, hackers :D

link   G. A.     -

Very good, as usual.

link   Skarfester     -

That's a long and funny episode.

link   J-rocky     -

@Brett McCoy Linux installed in the crystal ball, that's a brilliant idea!

link   spidery     -

@SamWang - right on, you are! Thanks for your interesting interpretation.

link   spidery     -

Great episode!
But IMHO the spiders look like ants.

link   zfen     -


link   Laura Psychologue     -

Excellent, ma fille adore vos histoires et je trouve que la psychologie des personnages est vraiment réussie, vous arrivez à transmettre facilement les émotions. Merci !

link   Anna from Ukraine     -

Thank you for this beautiful story! :)
Pepper is so modest girl))

link   Erina     -

Beautiful comic. Definitely gonna suggest this to my cousins XD. Love your artworks and style!

link   libre fan     -

@SamWang … 59050327-1

Thanks for your comment about Slitaz and the spider. And I agree with you, this episode seems to suggest “Free yourselves, hackers, and everybody“.

link   LiquidMetal     -

I didn't really get the story at first...

I had to go through it a couple times, and even after reading your initial comment, I'm still clueless as to certain pieces.

One example - Did Carrot cut the wire, or not?

Were they afraid the spider would do something bad to them? These and more points aren't clear.

link   Shahar     -

I am reading all the episodes right now
Great comics!!
You are so amazing, keep writing 😃

link   Strill     -

The first panel got corrupted =(

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thanks for the report, yes, the renderfarm had a hicup probably.
It should be fixed by now :)

link   Lisandro     -

A bug fixing a bug, oh the irony!

link   anon     -

A spider is NOT an insect! : )

link   niv zisling     -

hi david,
why aren't the web spiders in the wiki?

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Hey niv zisling; I think it's because of missing manpower to maintain everything or keep everything update.
Can you help ? Thank you!

link   skyline     -

what a interesting imagination.
Are you doing all the translations? or other person doing translate?

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Hi! Thank you, the translation is done by a team of volunteer, you can find all the names on the "Author" page.

link   LOLCAT     -

How many did the bugs make?

link   Craig Maloney   Contributor, -

Much like the cable company they're reluctant to give actual numbers on the number of subscribers to the "web". The web is rather popular in Komona and Kerberos and you can see a crystal-ball terminal in Saffron's office.

But naturally Saffron has one of the first portable wireless units. She's all about having the latest and best technology.

link   Ashragon     -

It's the amazing admin spider!

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