Pixel-art asset by DiamondDMGirl

A compilation I made with the pixel art of DiamondDMGirl, upscaling them.

DiamondDMGirl posted this week on opengameart.org an asset of pixel-art. You'll find full walk-cycle for Pepper, Carrot, Saffron, Coriander and Shichimi. You'll also find a portrait for each characters. The pack is licensed as CC-By 4.0 license so you are free and encouraged to reuse this pack (or extend it). The necessary credit: "pixel-art: by DiamondDMGirl, based on Pepper&Carrot by D.Revoy.". Many thanks DiamondDMGirl for the pack, and for the very precise description on opengameart.org.

I'm embedding here under the artworks non-upscaled to archive a copy, but in case of a newer version or to be sure to get the source at the source, check directly the thread maintained by DiamondDMGirl here:


link   Fla     - Reply

That's awesome, it makes me wanting to create a video game based on that! :D

link   William Kreps     - Reply

Amazing one...

link   wintercat     - Reply


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