My full Inktober in a PDF

I completed #inktober2017 ! I published my last artworks this week on tuesday 31 (and then I spent the last part of the week to upgrade my computer to Ubuntu 17.10). 

Thank you again for all your feedback, you were a lot to follow my daily post on Mastodon, Twitter or Facebook and that was really cool. Thanks to my operating system being functional again, I spent a part of this week-end to review my Inktober artworks and scan each one of them in higher resolution and retouch them to keep only a black and white result. Then I made a high quality PDF version with all of them, ready to read or ready to print. Feel free to print it as a coloring book, publish it or tweak it for your e-book reader. The sources and result are distributed under CC-By, more information inside the PDF itself, page two. I hope you'll like it!

link   Amic     -

Very good job.

A little correction should be done on "Swift" page 3. The word is rendered white (so only visible when selected) on my pdf reader (evince).

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Amic! Indeed; the title was under the picture. It should be fixed now ; I also fixed the "Ship" picture having a yellowish background. My *.icc screen calibration profile start getting old, I need to recalibrate monitors :)

link   Alberto Chavez     -

This is just an awesome gift.
Thank you so much!

link   David Revoy   Author, -


link   Alessander     -

Absolutely gorgeous, great work! Thank you very much for the PDF.

"It's a magical world, Carrot, ol' buddy... let's go exploring!"

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Alessander for the feedback!

link   Sanger     -

So "inkoktober" has been trademarked, mmm, I have been suspicious since know someone (?) give each day of inkoktober a theme, feels like ol' Microsoft... :P

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Yes. Check the (TM) everywhere. ; I'm sure the author made it only to protect his own usage of the name for commercial reason (tee-shirt, pack of tools, teaching). I'm sure it will never affect the community challenge, because it would be too much bad press. But for sure, a TM thing restrict reusing the name inside a CC-By product ; I need to protect and think to the small publisher who might want to print/publish this artwork against possible useles patent trolling.

link   Ricardo Lane     -

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.

link   Marwa     -

amazing artworks here :) Thank you so much for sharing, being a promoter of open sourced art is really inspirational .

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Marwa!

link   Anonymouse     -

I'm blown away with just how awesome this is. I'll be happy to donate when I can soon

link   Anonymouse     -

By the way, David. What hardware do you use to scan up your work in such high quality? Is it used with free software as well?

link   David Revoy   Author, -

I have a USB CanonScan Lide220 ; and I use Sane from command line with it, and Xsane when I need a GUI. It's a good scanner.

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