Pepper&Carrot in India !

I was invited by the FLOSS event Swatantra 2017 (in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India) to talk about Pepper&Carrot! My talk will be on 20 December at 14h00 and I'll talk about the creation of the artworks and pages on Pepper&Carrot episodes. It will be for sure the longest trip I made for a Pepper&Carrot talk. Also on Swatantra 2017 you'll meet a very interesting panel of talks: RedHat, Krita, GNOME, Purism, GNU Health, FSF India, Blender, Gcompris and more. I'm really honored and excited to participate to this event, I hope to meet a lot of Pepper&Carrot reader from Kerala!

More information, address and full schedule on official website:

link   Neotheta     -

Congrats and stay safe in the travels!

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Thank you Neotheta! I'll do :-)

link   mujeeb rahman     -

Im from Kerala, India. Heard your presentation. It was superb. We will try to translate the series in to Malayalam language, the short is ml. Once again thanks for your wonderful talk and beautiful philosophy :)

link   Pranav     -

Could you translate SHH and PLOP here: … equests/10
Too bad I read this late. I live in Trivandum and could have come.

link   libre fan     -

Great news, David, I hope there’ll be a video file of your presentation that we can download.

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