Shichimi bead-picture by Saskia

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Hi! A week ago, I received in my mailbox the photo of a bead-picture artwork along with those words:

Hello David,
My daughter „Saskia“ loves your comics. She has created a beads picture and would love to see it inside your fan-art and help you reaching your goal of 100 fan-arts! That bead-picture is now placed above her bed.
She said „Please keep on created such good comic, I love them!“
Kind regards,
Rüdiger (father of Saskia).

That's a wonderful work! Thank you Saskia for making it and thank you Rüdiger for sharing the email and the photo! I added it to the fan-art gallery.

Now I have 81 of them :-)


link   Mitchell Bagot     - Reply

It's always good to see some love for the secondary characters of the series, and given how 'low resolution' bead art has to be, that's an amazing piece she's created there.

And good luck, David. Only 19 left to go now :)

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Yes, that's true Mitchell ; thank you !

link   Anonymouse     - Reply

Very cute.

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