Donations via bank transfer: IBAN update

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Hi! Here is a message to my four bank transfer/IBAN donators:

In my move, I switched to a new bank office. So soon I'll update the new IBAN number on the page dedicated to the bank info and mail address. Thanks Jan, Ron, Dean, and Arne for your donations via this method! I received everything (last entry registered: by Dean on 10 September). Also, thanks to Richard Stallman who advised me a couple of month ago to setup this IBAN method, and said some nice words about Pepper&Carrot. Bank transfers are protected by banking secrecy and don't require you to sign in a new platform, therefore this service is a really good way to send money, especially within Europe where the fee are low. Check by the end of September the future new IBAN if you plan to donate this way in the future, and I'll write your name at the end of the next episode! Thanks!

[Update 20 September 2018]: Bank transfered ! The new IBAN, RIB and BIC is updated and around for decade I hope :-)


link   SLywnow     - Reply

Do you check your email ( I sent something there by pepper and carrot.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

If you sent something between 1st august and 30; I'm slowly catching up replying. In fact, I spent all yesterday afternoon in email box, and today I'll spend a part too.
I worked non-stop last month under the pressure of the move deadline to get house ready, and with an average of 30 to 100 email each day, I have hard time to manage it.
Thanks for your patience!

link   SLywnow     - Reply

Okay =)

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Cool fan-art, thank you!
To the readers: check "Landscape" here:

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