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Illustration: cropped area from one Inktober 2017 artwork of Coriander repairing a huge robot; full gallery here.

At the end of August and start of September, a lot of work have been injected into the optimization of the Pepper&Carrot website; the server of the website had CPU issues during all summer and my host was starting to complain about the project on a weekly basis.

But thanks to the big contributions of Jookia and other fixes preventing hot-linking of resources; the website is now consuming less than 1/4 of what it was before. The structure is now ready to welcome more visitors; they are increasing month after month and optimization like that are vital for the project. You can read the history of the fix here to see how it was done. This method will probably be interesting for all owners of PluXML blogs with high traffic!

Illustration: a screenshot from the CPU graph.

In the process, I setup ; a version of the website to test new codes. This test area reflect the source code of the Git website repository here. This tool will help to welcome eventual (new?) contributors curious to put hands in the P&C website.

That's all,  thank you very much for all the visit; you are over 10,000 daily readers. If something is buggy, or doesn't render well on your device, please, let me know!

I don't have Google Analytic: but a tool provided by my host to read the log (Urchin);
here is a screenshot of summary


link   alarig     - Reply

Great job!
BTW, when a AAAA for the website will be published? OVH supports IPv6 out of the box.

link   Adam     - Reply

Awesome job. I know a few comic sites that are slow as h*ll because they haven't found the right coding to make it run smoothly.

link   Jookia     - Reply

To be completely fair, most of the CPU performance gains are from David's hot linking removal for the cat avatars. ;)
My code adds a HTML cache to PluXml which was committed a third in to the graph and can be shown to remove a lot of the spikes. This means that if a popular site like imgur or reddit links to this site it won't go down from all the traffic.

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