link   Deevad   Author, - Reply

Here is finally episode 27, the first episode of a trilogy of episode about the Coronation of Coriander. This first part happens before the ceremony. It introduces a bit more Coriander. We already saw her on previous episode, but never really understood she was a princess (except last panel in "The Pyjama party".) I never introduced her passion for robots too. This episode tries to (finally) solve that. We also see Qualicity for the first time.

This episode was done during the month of October as a challenge with a deadline. I'm happy to be able to post it today on the 31 after really hard days and sleepless nights. I hope you'll like it and thanks you for your patience (moving to a new house and the DIY took me time).

Thanks again to the contributors, translators, the supporters and all the readers!

link   JD     - Reply

I like expressions of Thyme and a man ahead of her in the last panel. That mischievous old lady!

link   Olivier Jolly     - Reply

Great chapter !
The panel with shichimi and coriander after being shocked is golden :)

link   Scott Petrovic     - Reply

I really liked this one and the writing (and all the artwork of course). The whole "lie" situation thing is really good.

link   AlbinoCookie     - Reply

I love the creative turn on this! A lie detector isn't something you'd normally find in a universe with magic. Leave it to David Revoy to turn all expectations on their heads!

link   Jane     - Reply

Love it! ❤ The story is great, and the art is beautiful too!

link   leoshnoire     - Reply

Worth the wait and really fun! Glad to see everyone back at it :)

link   Konstantin     - Reply

I have waited for this episode the whole October since the post from 1st. It was pleasure for me to read it today! Once this comics has given me the impulse to learn drawing.

link   Aster Wang     - Reply

Somewhat it is quite interesting that in the future Europe would use AI lie detectors "to empower border agents to increase the accuracy and efficiency of border checks".

https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/31/180 … mmigration

I guess those countries are just inspired by David's comic 😂

link   artelnjeru     - Reply

the artwork is INCREDIBLE!!! the story is hilarious! Interesting that a lie zap is the bug, hehe as if that is a bad thing... hehehe

link   Jack     - Reply

As always great job! Thanks! But I have one question... What kind of psychological issue(s) does Pepper have? The robot shocked her when she said she doesn't have any, so she has and knows about it.

link   Craig Maloney   Contributor, - Reply

For one thing she desperately want the approval of the Chaosah Witches, and will do things to get that approval. See https://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article … e-mountain for more exploration of that angle. Also her desires to be a good witch as outlined here: https://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article … e-a-chance

Pepper is not perfect. He has some emotional scars to contend with. So the Psychologist-Bot is pointing those out to her in its own non-subtle way.

link   Barb     - Reply

Oooooh, I like this episode so much! Coriander is soooooo beautiful, that's cool that she is a princess. I'm so interested in the next part of her story.

link   Jack     - Reply

Thanks Craig. That was very informative.

link   Mark Munroe     - Reply

Loved this episode, and I see that you are going into story arcs. I love the characters and Coriander is both pretty and brave. Will she survive the assassination attempt and become a full fledged queen? Only time will tell.

By the way, an artist friend of mine is hoping to turn a fantasy story of mine into a French comic album. I hope to see it published.

Peace out.

link   hyyyyy     - Reply


link   Xiao Nan     - Reply

I seen a Saiyan :P.

link   Mairu Orihara     - Reply

This one was really nice and helpful. It's kinda been a while since we had a comic with Coriander and Sichimi in it, so this was a real treat! You're comic was worth the wait, as they always are. I actually had no idea Coriander was a princess, but I knew about her being an inventor. I think I saw it in one of your sidepictures or something. But it was really nice we got to see it directly! I can't wait for the next!!

link   Evileilapix     - Reply

I have literally read this 3 times because of the BEAUTIFUL artwork (Coriander is probably my favorite character). One thing that REALLY stood out to me was the clothing design. Awesome work, as always.

link   Deepanshu Garg     - Reply

I am waiting for your next episode ! These are awesome , Funny , Wonderful , Help to get better English and it also available in many languages . Thanks to Author of the Pepper and Carrot .

link   Côme     - Reply

Je suis un peu pertubé par la bulle «il nous reste peu de temps et le couronnement commence dans trois heures», c’est deux fois la même information, il reste peu de temps parce que le couronnement commence dans trois heures.
Je suis natif anglophone donc je peux pas juger du texte d’origine mais la VF sonne très bizarre pour cette bulle en tous cas.

Bon épisode à part ça, bon mix entre humour et histoire :-)

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Merci Côme!
Je vais remonter l'info; il y a toujours de la place pour de l'amélioration.
La version original est l'anglais pour cette épisode et ceux qui vont venir (depuis ep23 je pense);
travailler le storyboard en anglais me permets de le partager avec les contributeurs.
Le français a été traduit (j'ai fait parti des relecteurs pour le fr).

link   Côme     - Reply

*Je suis PAS natif anglophone

link   tofei     - Reply

I love their facial expressions in the "WAIT!!" panel!

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