Patronage, donations

I detail in the Philosophy page almost everything concerning funding.
It's easy to become the patron of Pepper&Carrot for only $1 per new episode on Patreon.
Patreon accept credit cards from all around the world, and you can even pay with a Paypal account on Patreon.
I also accept direct donations via PayPal or Flattr:

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Pepper&Carrot is open to fan-arts: Drawing, scenarios, scupltures, 3D models, fan-fiction. Send them to me (, or poke me on social networks) to appear in the fan-art gallery:

Pepper and flower
by Cj Kolobok 2016-07-08
Pepper Fan Art
by Ismael Rojas 2016-07-04
Pepper and Carrot fanart
by Alca Torda 2016-06-01
Pepper flying
by Joern Konopka 2016-04-28
Pepper nap in the tree
by Stephan Bored 2016-02-19
Pepper and Carrot
by Tyson Tan 2016-01-21
Cute Carrot
by Neotheta 2016-01-10
Carrot bag
by RJQuiraltæ 2015-05-18

Translations and corrections

Pepper&Carrot website is designed to be multilingual and accept any language (including extinct ones, or fictive ones). The sources of this page are at your disposal for you to translate them. Check the reference tutorial for more information on how to add your translation.

Press, Social networks

Be the publisher of Pepper&Carrot! Write articles, create posts on websites, share and build a community on your favorite social networks. You can download the press kit on the "sources" page.

Other contributions ideas . . . 

Everyone can contribute in different ways:
Developers: Create an application to read Pepper&Carrot on mobile device.
Musician: Create music themes for Pepper&Carrot.
Writer: Propose new Pepper&Carrot scenario.
Journalist: Inform about Pepper&Carrot in traditionnal media (printed press, tv, etc.)
Printer: Print posters or goodies with Pepper&Carrot on it.

IRC channel:

Chat and discuss about Pepper&Carrot. I'll be around at european day time (nickname:deevad)

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