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Hi, here is my quick note (as usual now). This episode follows previous episode of the magic challenge and focus on the result one week later. It's the last part of the trilogy. It splits a bit more the relation between Pepper and Saffron. This episode clearly shows now the position of Pepper in regard to the the tactic used by Saffron (and undirectly Spirulina and Camomille) to win the magic challenge.

To compose this story, I worked around the theme of chance, success, effort and merit: how many opportunities did we missed because they did not conformed to our idea of effort? to our idea of merit? Does it make the actions "too obvious/easy path to success" the harder things to spot and grab? It is also a parody of the Deus ex Machina ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina ) in ancient Greek tragedy, and a sweet arc to remotivate our Pepper to go further in her mastery of magic!

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Did you see my earlier comment and what did you think of it?

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Ahhh... finally its up! :)

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Honk :o)

AnOtHeR mIrAcLe StRiKeS aGaIn :o)

Well done, good job! :D Longue vie à Madame Pigeon :P

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its awesome! i love the way you painted the rain and water! i see your awesome rain brush!!!

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Beautiful: simply beautiful; I love the way you showed her not giving into temptation even though it was the worst time for her...BEAUTIFUL !!!

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Ever so beautiful, David ! That drawing of Pepper crying in the rain is really amazing. Keep up the good work, l'ami. La bise.

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Haha, j'aime beaucoup le design du génie

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Really feeling this right now. Love the artwork and the story. :)

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Bravo Clap-clap beau travail.....sourire assuré.....offre cumulable sans limite de stock! :-) j'aime.Bisous Dad (clap-clap)

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Nice episode! Also funny to see Pepper showing some serious genre savvyness <3

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"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the genious of success." ( I like it a lot )

Most artists good at art but no experience at sales and marketing ( business tasks ).
I'm not an pro artist. ( I can't even draw a circle at good shape).
I researched a lot how to make money by do what i love to do. I found a lot of ( really a lot ) magical success maker , blog post, video tutorial, seminar....blah...blah....

They work in following way....
1. You are the one who want to make living by doing what you love , right? ( I agreed )
2. Currently, You can't make enough money by do what you love , right? ( of course, I can't make a penny)
3. You can make a HUGE amount of money by making what you love. ( Wow....interesting...)
4. Mr.Average Joe already did. I'll prove his testimonial. ( Then he prove Average Joe making money a lot by using his methods)
5.Here is some method to make money by your art. ( do blog, post in dribble/behance, make your art great, do time management, blah ....blah...)
6. Do you wanna know more the magical way to make money by your art?
*BUY MY COURSE.* at 999999.9999$


There are very few good blogs but most of them don't work.


Artists are different then normal people. They making money in very different way then normal business.

I do sample photoshop. That's all I can do. I want money ( a bit ). I learnt to sell. I sell my photoshop effects to Advertising company. I got a little bit amount of money. My photoshop effects are look good but not useful in most case. Business man don't buy art, they buy something that will help them.
They buy art when art help them. My creepy photoshop effects help my client's product to get more notice by his customers.


I saw a lot of woman selling adult content on Patron. I shocked when i saw them.
I don't know Patron before PepperCarrot. I thought Patron is for creative people who wanna make some money by their creative staff. But.......I was wrong....most of them don't make money in good way.


Marvel & DC making a lot of money by producing same movies. They also agree they are not making art , they are making money. What about La La Land?


I agree to David Revoy. There is no magical way to success. Work smart, work hard. You will success one day. No shortcut.

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Great story, David! The ending is funny and thought provoking at the same time.

I think there must be a catch to that wish from the Genie of Success. The line, "Limited to available stock" meant that only a certain number of people (and animals) can wish for the "success" marketed by the genie. The clause "Excluding weekends and public holidays" felt suspicious to me too. Does that mean whatever you wish from the genie won't work on those rest days?

I feel the Celebrity poster of Ms. Pigeon's "Faced Paced Life" is a critique on what it takes to be successful in this modern age. Many of us seem to glorify this kind of busyness all in the name of money-making. It doesn't help that society and media feeds us with limited notions of what success means (fashion, fame, instant gratification, get-rich-quick schemes, etc.).

In any case, Ms. Pigeon looks funny rather than fashionable to me. She's not someone I would look up to as a role model, seeing as she made her wish out of jealousy and a desire to get ahead from the other pigeons.

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"excluding weekends and public holidays..."

"what's up with this deus ex machina?!"

maybe if she signs the contract she would become an magic girl?
(i hope you get the reference)

this end was funny too.

btw, one question, pepper will ever get older?

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Great job as always! I love the way your comics are always so meaningful and visually stunning. Keep up the great work! :)

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This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.

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I bet there are very, very tiny printed (and outrageous) terms and conditions somewhere on that contract that have to be examined thoroughly with a magical microscope!

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