Language Specific Notes

This document contains the notes of translators.

[jb] Which Lojban style to use?

  • always rely on the CLL
  • use Simple Lojban since the target audience are children:
    • use as few gismu and cmavo as possible
    • if a gismu or a cmavo is common then feel free to use it, though
    • use any attitudinals/ki'ai + "cmevla/brivla", even experimental ones since the comic is full of interjections/psychomime/etc.
    • for translating specific concepts, e.g. names, narrow scientific/math concepts consider using cmevla or (when it's really necessary) experimental brivla (even experimental gismu), e.g. texno, faumji. Such cases must be rare and not break the flow/comprehensibility of episodes
      • faumji despite having precise sense can be understood by children as explicitly unfathomable lingo
      • texno (if not .texnos.) might be used only for the name of a clan
  • spell language/monster language is supposed to be half-comprehensible so consider using distorted Lojban