Translation of the website

You can translate the interface of the website. This will add the language pill on the frontpage of the website. The number of text to translate isn't very long; around 300 lines of keywords and small paragraphs.

The website repository

The file to translate the Pepper&Carrot website are all in /themes/peppercarrot-theme_v2/lang of this the "website" repository.

To translate just follow the same workflow than for the webcomic translation. The only difference: you'll duplicate the en.php file and rename it to your language code. Then edit it with a text-editor (easier with a text-editor that support the PHP highlight code color while editing: Notepad++, Geany, Kate, Gedit, Mousepad, etc...).

Understanding the format:

  1. For a typical line like this one:

'FOLLOW' => 'Follow Pepper&Carrot on :',

  1. The first part 'FOLLOW' is the unique ID, do not translate it.

  2. The arrow => links the previous field with the next one (note, you can add any amount of spacebar characters between the fields (eg. if you want to align all => in your file)).

  3. Last field is 'Follow Pepper&Carrot on :' use HTML encapsuled inside ' symbols. It's the content to translate. If you need a special character like the one &, use the charset &, and if you need to use ', you'll need to escape it with a backslash \' . Except that, the website is encoded in UTF8, so pretty tolerant to all euro-latino-accents, and other unicode compatible languages.

  4. Last character in the line is , and mean the line is over.