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You can help me to make Pepper&Carrot a better webcomic.

Chat room

If you have any question, proposition, or want to discuss about the comic: feel free to join our chat room! If you begin, just click on the button under to read our discussions and then create an account to interact with us. You might also want to read and accept our CoC before interacting.

This room uses the [matrix] network and is bridged to two services: an IRC channel (#pepper&carrot on and a community Telegram bridge. It's content is public.

Patronage, donations

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Any little donation or patronage help me a lot. Thank you if you can. Episodes are long to produce and maintaining Pepper&Carrot and all the extras takes me a lot of time.


Speechbubbles with letters,

Translate an episode or the website? With over 50 contributors, 200 pages of comics and 40 languages, the translation project is the most active community project.


Fan-art of Pepper&Carrot by Tyson Tan,

You like to draw? I love to receive fan-arts! Draw Pepper&Carrot your way and then send your artwork by email or quote my name on social-networks; I'll add them to the gallery.


A sketch representing the webcomic pages producing derivations,

You have an idea of adaptation for Pepper&Carrot? (books, video-games, music, movies, objects...). Let me know about it; if I like the project, I'll blog post about it.


Fairy reading a book,

You like to write? I love reading fan-fictions! If you have a story in the universe of Pepper&Carrot, I'll be happy to add it to the website.

Beta Reading

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Give feedback on the next episode during the creation process. The threads are part of the webcomic repository where translators contribute too.


Carrot repairing things,

You'll find on this repository the files that display this very website you are reading right now but also a place to report bugs.


Carrot repairing things,

You'll find on this repository the renderfarm behind Pepper&Carrot and the scripts I use to automatize many tasks.

The documentation

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You'll find here the place where all written documents of the project go: the CoC, the tutorials for translators, good practise for attribution, etc...

Our Code of Conduct

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You'll find in this document the code of conduct for participating with the Pepper&Carrot web comic and related projects.