Fan Fiction


(In French) 1, La Visite d Hereva : Nicolas Artance
(In French) 2, L Essence du Rea : Nicolas Artance
(In French) 3a, Le Heros de Hereva : Nicolas Artance
(In French) 3b, Le Heros de Hereva partie 1 5 : Nicolas Artance
 The Pre Meeting : Craig Maloney

Scenarios for new episodes

 Carrot s cake : RJ Quiralta
 Play time : Seryan
 Real friend : Seryan
 Rumble : Craig Maloney
 The book of secrets : Juan Jose Segura
 The graffles : Juan Jose Segura
 The lockbox : Craig Maloney
 The mysterious visit : Nicolas Artance
 The Present : Nicolas Artance
 The summoning : Deevad
 Visit from Hippiah : Craig Maloney
 You found me i chose you : Craig Maloney

Community improvisations

 July 2017 : many collaborators
 May 2018 : many collaborators

Temporary Drafts

 Collections of ideas : community