The Summoning

TODO: [ ] Better dialog, my english skill is bad.
[ ] Correct english description of panels. Same reason than above.
[ ] Shrink panel number to around 25. Right now the episode is too big for a single month production.

Panel 1. Pepper is at home studying a large book, Carrot sleeps while other witches of Chaosah does their usual task at home in background (Cayenne read news) Cumin cook, Thyme plays with cards. But the shot happens at a moment where they all loose focus in their task ; attracted by the source of a scream
Scream threw window: 'Help! Help!!!'

Panel 2. Shot on the back of a peasant (straw hat, overalls, fork), the witches are watching surprised at the windows. Paysant yell: "Help! My farm is under the control of a giant monster!"

Panel 3. Close up: Cayenne surrounded by Pepper, Thyme.
Cayenne (serious) "Mmm... Thyme, Pepper, come with me!"

Panel 4. Cut on the farm: large shot : A giant ( 5meter high ) red bull with more eyes and more horns than necessary -as an evil creature- is demolishing all farm building around, twisting his body like a rodeo, a lot of the villager are around and watch the disaster.

Panel 5. Wide panel shot on the villagers ( womens, kids, old peasants, etc...), watching the scene with fear, like hyptotised.

Panel 6. Same shot, same villagers, they are pushed and surprised; Cayenne followed by Pepper and Thyme walk in the middle
Cayenne: "Let us pass"

Panel 7. Close up shot on villager faces, suprised and fascinated, witches!

Panel 8. A large heros shot (low-angle shot) on the team in combat pose and confident: Pepper, Thyme and Cayenne with hat of witchs, this is show-time. Pepper is super proud. Cayenne: mm... This type of monster shouldn't be here" "we have no other solution than to use...FORCE."

Panel 9. This last sentence as an immediat effect , crowd can't hide joy of such a spectacle, action with witches! Pepper looking at Carrot and high-five him.
Pepper (low voice) "A battle!" "YES!"

Panel 10. Thyme, Cayenne attack with magic ray, eyes focused on the target. But a room for someone next to them is missing. Only the top of the hat of Pepper is visible.
Cayenne while launching a magic ray" All together; NOW!"

Panel 11. Shot on Monster head turning back, not affected by this shot only smoke on his slighly darkened skin at the landing of the shot. But now, he can watch the origin of the attack: the witches.

Panel 12. Close up on Cayenne; she looks back astonished by what she's watching. She is doing the 'big eyes'.

Panel 13. Pepper: Sit in a meditative position on the battle field, Carrot next to her try to 'sell' the action of Pepper, showing 'thumbs up' with both hand, and a happy face. Pepper: 'Let me try ... 'something' ... I need to charge FULL REA!'

Panel 14. Little action shot of Cayenne while jumping aside to save herself to be under the clog of the big bull.
Cayenne angry: 'This is a BAD IDEA! I know what you are thinking! ... AND IT's A BAD IDEA'

Panel 15. Close up on Pepper's face , confident and smiling with defiance Pepper: "3min please!'

Panel 16. Small shot montage: bull attacks with horn Thyme, she avoid by jumping.

Panel 17. Small shot montage: bull attacks Cayenne with tail, but countered with a quick bouncy spell.

Panel 18. Close up on Thyme, alerting
Thyme: "Pepper, PLEASE!"

Panel 19. Back to Pepper's meditative pose, she has now a large dark aura around her flowing with ray of dark purple and violet. She is very focused, eyes closed.

Panel 20. Thyme and Cumin are falling on the floor now with speed, probably after a shot.

Panel 21. Cayenne with scratch on the face and clothes , her expression is now and order for survival.
Cayenne: "PEPPER!"

Panel 22. Pepper full shot, stand up, heroic with a very very large aura, super confident in front of Cayenne and Thyme on the floor. The crowd is really under a strong impression, Carrot clap hands alone, he is super exited! Pepper , calm and over-confident:'Ok, I'm ready"

Panel 23. Pepper moving harms and symbols appear all around, many summoning runnic symbols appears all around her in red tones, a circle of magic also burst from the floor around her, her eyes are red.
Pepper, still calm voice: "Summoning Demon major of Chaosah" "LORD SIRTHATH !"

Panel 24. The sky become dark, cloud circle around a lighting striking the middle of sky. The nature of this lighting is the same color and runnic symbol as Pepper summoning, so reader does the link between the two.

Panel 25. Faces of the villagers on the crowd: they all look at the sky; under stress. A strong color of light shine on their face, as a second sun in the night. Something big is happening. It feels like the giant bull monster is even not the main issue now. A woman even hides the eyes of her child to protect him from what she can't actually see but already fear.

Panel 26. Small shot on the bull monster expression, he is looking also at this light source, not confident anymore what will happen. He sweat of being anxious.

Panel 27. Close up on Pepper still in pose to feed the summoning with her energy, still over-confident, this is her ultimate spectacle, all Squirel's End is here watching! She have her usual red eyes of magic-summoning and super proud! Pepper, minimalist and calm "take that"

Panel 28. Back on the shot of the sky with concentric dark clouds, lighting, and all circle now around a silhouette of light, looking like a folded bat.

Panel 29. Impressive shot: Wings opens in a shockwave, the Lord is on a pose as if he exploded chains, smoke is following the shockwave around him.

Panel 30. Another shot now showing the design: Very Impressive dark human-like-dragon design, very classy, fancy, he is also a good poser. The ideal type of high-ranked creature of any RPG book. His 'Lord' status can be seen in many attribute he has, medals, epolet, weapons, a cape... But coming from another world. A dark world probably where war is the daily routine. Still eyes closed , neck bent, as unactivated or sleeping, or freshly summoned.

Panel 31. Another shot, the lord wake up screaming up the sky, his anger has no limit!
Lord: "WGrrrooooOOOO!!!"

Panel 32. Shot on the Lord head, starting to scream down with open eyes and materialising with his anger a fireball in front of his mouth.
Lord: "rrooooOOOO!!!"

Panel 33. Little close up on the Lord eyes, he noticed something... surprising!

Panel 34. General final shot: Pepper and all the witches and Carrot are on the floor , body (funny) damaged by the feet of the big creature (clogs print of bull around them). Crowd around are watching the witches, questionning what they just saw and their competences. The big red bull is running away, farm is in ruin in the background. Lord float above them, feeling sorry...
Pepper: Ok now I know why it was a bad idea.... Hey LORD! NICE SHOW! But next time: COME FASTER!



  • This story is a joke about the big summoning (awesome) cinematic sequence on turn-based RPG like the famous Final-Fantasy video game. It's a parody, and will probably not work on those not knowing this. Also, to be built, the Gag needs an extra 'time' setup on the summoning cinematic of the Lord, while the main issue of this script is a too long lenght. Not easy to solve.