Carrot,s Cake

Note: The idea for this scenario is that there should be no words, since is centered on Carrot's character, I think is fun to instead use Pictures in place, like this is not entirely "silent" and dialogs would be done with graphics.

Scene 1: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, first guest.

Panel 1: Pepper,s cottage can be seen from a few meters away while She is putting some Birthday decorations on a table just on the side of her home (on the yard) in what it looks like a nice sunny day.

Panel 2 Saffron arrive with some fancy wrapped present, Truffel has a tiny prensent on its mouth while wearing a flower head piece (to impress Carrot).

Panel 3 On one of the cottage windows Carrot is "piking" with its face squizeed all over the glass full of exitement (very happy face).

Panel 4 Saffron gives Pepper the present for Carrot.
Saffron: Picture of Carrot recieving the gift.
Pepper: Picture of a hart.

Panel 5 Carrot is getting ready to meet the guest, "combing" its hair with its paw while running out the door (anthropomorphically as usual).

Scene 2: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, second guest.

Panel 6: Pepper and Saffron are fixing some chairs while the pets look surprised at the viewer's (reader) direction.
Carrot Truffel: Picture of their heads in a surprised manner.

Panel 7: In the opposite direction of the previous panel, With the Character's back facing the viewer, they are seein a huge mist suddenly appearing on the nearest woods, Peeper and Saffron have a slightly defensive pose.

Panel 8: Yuzu comes out with a smirky smile while Shichimi follows him with a very innocent manner, as if coming out of the misterious fog was a normal way of appearing, she has a present wrapped in a clothe "furoshiki".

Panel 9: Saffron is a bit upset but relieved.
Saffron: Picture of Monster coming out of the mist/fog with an red "X" crossing it.

Panel 10: Pepper is laughing, the pets are now running/playing around.
Pepper: Picture of Thyme coming out of the mist/fog with red "X" crossing it.
Shichimi: Picture of turtle hidding on its shell (motion signs)

Scene 3: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, the cake.

Panel 11: Carrot and the other pets are now insde the cottage, walking towards the kitchen.
Carrot: Picture of candies.
Truffel: Picture of Chocolates.
Yuzu: Picture of Dango.

Panel 12: Carrot is dissapointed on the dinign table (in the cottage still) not finding treats but fruits. The other pets try to console it talking about the cake.
Carrot: Picture of fruit been thrown in the trash can.
Truffel Yuzu: Picture of Pepper with a samall cake.

Panel 13: Carrot has a better idea than the cake imagined by Truffel and Yuzu, it share its vision while standing in a determination pose.
Carrot: Pepper with a samall cake crossed by an red "X".
Truffel Yuzu: Picture of a gray cloud.
Carrot: Picture of carrot with a wizard hat beside a giant cake.

Panel 14: Carrot start looking for the recipie in a very ancient book that they just found in the kitchen, unaware of its title: Magical Recipies.
Yuzu: Picture of a double leyer cake, like a big dorayaki, or pankake.
Truffel: Picture of a triple leyer very fancy cake, victorian style.
Carrot: Picture of a huge carrot cake.

Panel 15: The pets are all in the table with some ingredients, utensils and a wizard's hat. Carrot is a little confused reading the book, holding it sideways trying to make sense of it.

Scene 4: The magic spell, and the third guest.

Panel 16: In a very somber scene, Carrot is ready to perform the magic spell, Truffel look a bit scared, Yuzu looks dubious, Mango just arrived and is in clueless of what is happening.

Panel 17: All the pets suddenly transform into ingredients themselves, Yuzu is now the icing, Mango is the eggs, Truffel is the milk, and Carrot is the "carrot cake mix", the ingredients are in boxes/bottles/bags and only the eyes and mouth of the pets can be seen (to identify them). They are all confused and scared.
Pets: Picture of cloud with rain and a lightning.

Panel 18: Outside the cottage, Coriander is showing Pepper and Saffron a cake machine/contraption, "cake 'o matic", they are delighted with the presentation.

Panel 19: Coriander tells Pepper the needed ingredients, that happen to be the ones the pets transform into. Saffron has a dubious expression.
Coriander: Picture of Cake mix, milk, eggs and icing.
Pepper: Picture of a check list boxes with their respective mark (checked).
Saffron: Picture of the contraption kind of breaking while smoking.

Panel 18: Pepper goes to the kitchen looking for Carrot. She feels odd Carrot is not around but continues whit her errand.
Pepper: Picture of Carrot.

Panel 19: Pepper is grabbing the pets/ingredients putting them in a big bowl, the pets are swating with nervs, while Pepper thinks on a Carrot's favorite cake, a carrot cake.
Pepper: Picture of happy Carrot holding a nice samll cake.

Panel 20: Pepper trip a little without falling on the book of "Magical Recipies" that carrot dropped as the spell took place.

Scene 5: Carrot's Cake.

Panel 21: Pepper pick up the book, and try to make sence of why is there. The pets feel a little relieved thinking this is their chance to get back to normal.
Pets: Picture of sun coming up behind the cloud.
Pepper: PIcture of herself sratching her head.

Panel 22: Pepper thinks it was dropped by Cumin while looking for recipies. She trows it back to the table as she goes away from the kitchen, pets are scared.
Pepper: Picture of Cumin reading the book as she bakes.

Panel 23: Outside the cottage, Coriander is setting up the machin while Pepper is putting the pets/ingredients on the side. Saffron is calling out (hands on mouth shouting) for the pets. Shichimi is making ballons with magic.
Saffron: Picture of a "mouth speaker" and the heads of the pets coming out of it.

Panel 24: Pepper explaining that the pets may be playing in the woods, Saffron pick up the milk with undifference as if the ingredients are not up to her standars. Shichimi is embarrased of Saffron's actitud (rubor on her chicks) and Coriander is putting thumbs up showing her contraption is ready.
Pepper: Picture of the pets running around the trees.
Coriander: Picture of a "start" button in her contraption.

Panel 25: Pepper grabs the Carrot as the cakemix and throws it into the funnel of a machine where all the ingredients go. The pets have terrified eyes.

Scene 6: Carrot's Cake final.

Panel 22: All the pets ingredients are thrown into the contraption, and starts functioning with some magic going on besides the mechanics. The Withces are all amused, as in a very somber classic witch scene.

Panel 23: Carrot wakes up abruptly just to realize is all a nightmare.
Carrot: Picture of Carrot sleeping.

Panel 24: Pepper enters the room with a carrot cake to surprise Carrot on its Birthday. Carrot is terrified.

Panel 25: Everybody Is enjoing a modest party eating cake at the table except for Carrot who seems to feel nauseous about his own slice of cake, while thinking on fruits.

The End.

Post-Notes: Another idea it came to my mind was to have a ghost-like heads of the pets in top of the self-ingredients instead of only their eyes/mouth on the actual ingredient package, I also thought about doing their heads in a speach bubble as in "thinking" yet I think that one may be too introusive or bussy.

Also the ideas for the images in the speech bubbles is that they supposed to be way more simple than the regular comic, for instance Carrot's would be a much simplyfied version of itself, like dot eyes instead of the full eye with the pupil. etc. Making the images look very cartooninsh. and separate them from the actual comic style.