You Found Me, I Chose You.

Scene 1

Panel 1: On the floor of Pepper's house. She is talking with someone over tea (out of focus. Possibly one of the other witches?) Close-up of Carrot sleeping in a bed on the floor in the circular-pattern that cats cram themselves into.

Pepper: "... and that's why I named him 'Carrot'"

Panel 2: Carrot sleepily opens one eye upon hearing his name twice. We focus more on his face.

Pepper: "... because I found him in a bushel of carrots"

Panel 3: Carrot opens both eyes and is deep in thought. He flashes back to that day at Squirrel's End.

Scene 2

Panel 4: Ispmorphic view of the Hippiah school in Squirrel's End. Several children are outside playing a game of tag. Over on a bench sits Pepper. She sits alone, looking down

Panel 5: Close-up of Pepper's face. She looks melancholy, as though she wants to play with the other children but nobody will give her the chance.

Panel 6: We focus behind Pepper. Carrot is in the bushes stalking "dinner" (a mouse?) His rump is extended like he is ready to pounce; eyes wide.

Panel 7: Before Carrot can strike he stops. He is distracted by Pepper yelling at the kids to stop.

Pepper: (Carrot-like Speech Bubble for "Ow, quit it")

Panel 8: Focus on Pepper's back with her hands up in a defensive position. She drops her hat on the ground. Some of the other kids have noticed her and are circling around her, taunting her. Each of the children is saying nasty things to her.

Child 1: (Carrot-like speech bubble for "You're not a good witch of Hippiah")

Child 2: (Carrot-like speech bubble for "You can't grow anything right"

Child 3: (Carrot-like speech bubble for "Why don't you leave here. Go on! Get out of here!")

Panel 9: Focus on Carrot looking at this. His mouth is agape at the display of cruelty.

Panel 10: Carrot's face melts into anger. His head lowers and his rump is elevated as he prepares to strike.

Scene 3

Panel 11: Pepper has her eyes closed and her hands shielding her face as the other children hurl insults at her. She is crying. The children are surrounding her. Apparently nobody is supervising them.

Panel 12: Carrot strikes! He bites at the ankles of the child behind Pepper. Pepper doesn't notice what's going on because her eyes are closed.

Child 3: (Carrot-like speech bubble of exclamation.)

Panel 13: Carrot pursues another child away from Pepper. The other children scatter. Pepper looks at the other children (not at Carrot) and is confused.

Child 2: (Carrot-like speech bubble for Angry Wild Cat)

Panel 14: Pepper is still confused. She puts on her hat (which is slightly too big for her) and puts it on.

Panel 15: Pepper's har falls over her eyes just as Carrot zips by in pursuit of another child.

Child 1: (Carrot like speech bubble for AAAAAAAHHHHH!)

Panel 16: Focus on carrot's face as he notices he can't stop in time to avoid several bushels of carrots up ahead.

Panel 17: Carrot tumbles into a bushel of carrots. Several of them scatter all over the place but he manages to not make a huge mess in the ruckus. Cat-like Ninja reflexes in play.

Panel 18: Pepper pulls the hat up from her eyes. Her persecutors are long gone. The staff from the school finally realize something is up and head outside. Pepper looks around.

Adult 1: (Carrot-like speech bubble for exclamation)

Adult 2: (Carrot-like speech bubble for exclamation)

Panel 19: Pepper looks around. She notices a very exhausted Carrot in the bushels of carrots.

Pepper: (Carrot-like speech bubble for I found an adorable kitten friend!)

Panel 20: Shot of Pepper walking back to the school carrying Carrot slumped over her shoulder. He gives an exhausted and contented smile.

Carrot: (Carrot-like speech bubble for "I chose you")