The Graffles

Scene 1

Panel 1: Shot from outside Pepper’s home. It is a nice spring day, the Sun shines and the garden is green and full of flowers. Pepper is in the garden with Carrot.
Pepper: What a wonderful day Carrot!

Panel 2: Close shot of Pepper and Carrot. Pepper is bending towards Carrot so to speak face to face.
Pepper: You know what? I think it is a great day for swimming. We can go to the pond at the backyard. What do you think?

Panel 3: Pepper is walking with Carrot. They are now prepared for swimming: Pepper is wearing her swimming suit and is carrying a towel.

Panel 4: Shot of the pond. It is a lovely pond, with some Lily pads in it. It is surrounded by green grass and the occasional tree. But there is something strange, there is like a miniature town at one side of the pond, with small water gnomes populating it. They are not pretty little gnomes but rather ugly ones.
Note: The town must be made mostly from debris of the pond: little twigs, algae and the like.

Panel 5: Close shot of Pepper, she has a curiousity face. She is asking herself what is this little town by the lake.
Pepper: What is this?

Panel 6: Close shot of the gnomes in their town. They are water gnomes, an ugly type of gnome that lives close to the water. Some of them are swimming in the pond, taking small twigs and algae to the town.

Panel 7: Close shot of Pepper, she has a disgusting face. She does not like the gnomes because she finds them too ugly.
Pepper: Ouch!!! The pond got infested with Graffles! They use to leave in the mountain’s rivers and lakes, they don’t use to come this down!

Panel 8: Shot of Pepper is talking with Carrot.
Pepper: I will not swim in a pond full of graffles! Let’s get them out of our yard Carrot!

Panel 9, 10 and 11: A series of three panels showing Pepper and Carrot chasing the graffles. We see them running and jumping after them while the graffles try to run away. Carrot is chasing them as they were mice while Pepper is using a butterfly net. The graffle town gets destroyed in the process.

Panel 12: Shot of Pepper and Carrot. Pepper is holding a bag in one hand. The bag is full of graffles, so it should feel like full of little things moving inside and trying to escape. Carrot is sitting, he is exhausted.
Pepper: Well, I think we got them all. Let’s free them into the forest!

Scene 2

Scene 13: Shot of Pepper in the forest. She is wearing her witch robes again and she is opening the bag on the ground. The graffles are walking out of the bag and they are very sad. Carrot, next to Pepper, is pointing to the forest with an angry face, like telling them, “leave now!”.
Pepper: Go away, find somewhere else to live, you cannot leave in MY pond.

Panel 14: Shot of Pepper and Carrot walking back home.
Pepper: Well, we finally got rid of those graffles but I am afraid is too late for that swim. Next weekend we will enjoy a nice one!

Panel 15: Shot from outside Pepper’s house. Is a nice sunny day. We can see the house and the garden, pretty much like the first frame. A beautiful day of spring. There are a text box and a dialog globe. Narrator: The next weekend.
Pepper (from inside the house): Carrot! Get ready! We are going for a swim into the pond!

Panel 16: Shot of Pepper and Carrot in the yard, they are walking to the pond. They are wearing their swimming clothing and both look very happy.
Pepper: Now we will be able to enjoy a nice swimming without those disgusting graffles in our pond.

Panel 17: Close shot of Pepper. She is shouting in surprise. A bad surprise.
Pepper: WHAT?!

Panel 18: Shot of the pond. Because nobody took care of it, the pond is now full of leaves, algae, twigs and the like. Looks messy and uninviting.

Panel 19: Air shot of the pond and Pepper. She is shouting.
Pepper: Nooo! The pond is all dirty! It will take an entire day to clean it! How can it be possible? The past week it was so clean!

Panel 20: Close shot of the half destroyed graffle town. We see the remaining of the twigs and leaves that the graffles used to construct it.

Panel 21: Close shot of Pepper. She is stroke with surprise and understanding.
Pepper: Of course! The graffles! They were taking good care of the pond because they were living there!

Scene 3

Panel 22: Shot of Pepper in her witch robes. She is in the forest talking with the leader of the Graffles. The graffles look miserable because they are living now in a zone of the forest with no water and they are water gnomes. There is a text box on the top of the frame.
Narrator: Short after…
Pepper: I am so sorry I kicked you out of my pond. Please, come back! I am sure we can share it together. You will be happy living in the water again and my pond will be clean.

Panel 23: Shot of the pond. It looks wonderful again, all clean, with the lily pads. The graffle town has been reconstructed and the graffles are living happily there. Pepepr and Carrot are swimming in the pond, together with some graffles.
Narrator: The next weekend…

Panel 24: Shot of Pepper’s bathroom. There is Cayenne in it, ready to take a warm bath. She has a towel around her body and a funny cap to protect her hair. But the warm nice bath is full of graffles.
Cayenne: What is this…