Scene 1

Panel 1: The corridors of a labyrinth. The walls are somewhat reflective.

Carrot wanders down the corridor

Panel 2: Carrot peeks around a corner. He looks pensive.

Panel 3: Close-up: Carrot sniffs the air.

Scene 2

Panel 4: Close-up: Carrot hears a sound. His ears perk up. It's a low, rumbling sound.

Panel 5: Carrot darts around a corner. The rumbling sound gets fainter.

Panel 6: Carrot cautiously moves through the maze

Panel 7: Carrot's ears perk up again. He hears the rumbling sound.

Panel 8: The rumbling sound gets closer. Carrot races through the maze.

Panel 9: Carrot sees a large reflective ball. He runs away from it.

Panel 10: The ball seems to follow Carrot as he frantically tries to avoid it.

Panel 11: Pull back: Carrot runs into a dead end.

Panel 12: Carrot turns around to see the ball is right behind him.

Scene 3

Panel 13: Carrot's eyes grow wider at the impending doom of being squished by the reflective ball

Panel 14: Carrot shuts his eyes. Offscreen we hear: Pepper: "Carrot!"

Panel 15: A flash. Magic! Spells!

Panel 16: Pull back into Pepper's house. We see a maze game on the floor with the maze that Carrot was wandering through. There is a drunk potion of shrinking near by. Pepper looks sternly at Carrot, who is now normal size. He looks defeated. She points a finger at him.

Pepper: "You know there's better ways to get the ball out of the maze"