Found you, found me

Scene 1

Panel 1: Pepper's House Tree in the morning, Carrot is looking for something meanwhile Pepper try to study hard

Panel 2: Carrot try to look something in all the house, Pepper try to understand
Pepper: Carrot, what are you doing?
Carrot answer whistling acting like nothing happen

Panel 3: Pepper try to look for potions, meanwhile Carrot still try searching for something in different parts of the house

Panel 4: Carrot found the thing they are looking, a toy looking as a mouse

Panel 5: Pepper doesn't think too much, until see a good looking female cat around near the house trough the windows

Panel 6: Pepper can see Carrot giving the toy and her exchange a red tape

Panel 7: Carrot hide the tape looking in all directions meanwhile Pepper stay hidden behind the window covered with the books

Scene 2

Panel 8: In the midday, Carrot is outside

Panel 9: Pepper, worried for Carrot, look a bit near using her broom. using binoculars realize something

Panel 10: Carrot, sneaking some chickens, try to catch one. when success taking one feather from the chickens 's tail and left the chicken alone
Pepper: Why do that?

Scene 3

Panel 11: in the afternoon, Carrot is still outside and Pepper is in the sky looking the kittie actions

Panel 12: Carrot look a tree with wildness

Panel 13: Carrot try to scratch as much as the kittie can.

Panel 14: When finished, sap is coming out from the tree and Carrot collect that using a bottle and then run directly to the house

Scene 4

Panel 15: in the night, Carrot run directly to the top of the tree house

Panel 16: Pepper ask for him using his meal but doesn't answer
Pepper: What are they doing? I prefer still study

Panel 17: Pepper discover her preferred pencil disappear, that put her a little dissapointed but still study as best as her can

Scene 5

Panel 18 In the morning, with Carrot sleeping over Pepper in her bedroom

Panel 19: Pepper wake up, and take the kittie and ask seriously
Pepper: hey mister, what are you.... doing?

Panel 20: Pepper discover something: the Carrot fingers is covered with bandages
Pepper: what... why?

Panel 21: making a little jump, Carrot give a Pepper a new pencil with a feather, tied with the tape and use the sap from the tree as glue
Pepper: why?

Panel 22: Carrot show the date a Pepper, and her discover something
Pepper: is the same day, when i found you in a little box years ago

Panel 23: Pepper remember how found a Carrot when they was a little kittie
Pepper: so much you love me?
Carrot: meow meow -putting happy face-

Panel 24: Pepper hug a Carrot with love
Pepper: i know, i love you too