The most powerfull magic

Note: "like as the next day of chap 17"

Scene 1: Pepper in the tree house, trying to study in the house's library

Panel 1: Cayenne try to give a carrot a good advise about magic
Cayenne: So, with this spell you can destroy o convert, anything! Take time for learn and... Pepper, are you listening? Pepper: Yeah, im in.
Cayenne: ARE you?
Pepper: I am It's Just...
Cayenne: Just?
Pepper: Why destroy is the ony thing? Why don't just... make some other things...
Cayenne: SHUT UP! You're here because you will be the next powerfull chaosah witch, or you will be back into the orphan.
Pepper: But...
Cayenne: Chaosah is the most powerfull magic EVER, you need learn that carefully.
Pepper: Yes Cayenne.
Cayenne: Maybe you are correct. Maybe you need learn something else...

Panel 2 Cayenne move a few steps, and then look at Pepper directly at her eyes.
Cayenne: show me.
Pepper: What?
Cayenne: Show me your most powerfull magic ever, and i ...

Panel 3 Pepper try to hug Cayenne BUT Cayenne hit a pepper in her head
Cayenne: Not again, young lady
Pepper: Auch...
Cayenne: As i saying, show me your most powerfull chaosah magic and maybe i consider don't send you back to the orphan, it's that clear?
Pepper: Yeah... I'm mean, yes aunt Cayenne.
Cayenne: Good! See you tomorrow in the night.
Cayanne left the library.

Scene 2: Pepper run for une side to another of the house, try to study the most powerfull magic

Panel 4 Pepper try to think, and the same time, use many potions as her can with a mountain of book all around her.

Panel 5 Outside the house, practice some magic with another mountain of books.

Scene 3: The time is over, and now, Pepper need show her most powerfull magic

Panel 6 Night, with a label "next day, in the morning...", Pepper is ready with cayenne, the others aunts waits.
Cayenne: Well, show me.
Pepper: Yes, aunt Cayenne

Panel 7 Appear a big size feline monster, with powerfull claws and fangs.
Pepper: Here's in my best! What do you say?
Cayenne: cute. Now order attack me.
Pepper: But...
Cayenne: Do it! Or get out of the house.
Pepper: Go... Go for her!

Panel 8 The big monster run over Cayenne.
Cayenne: Who want meal?!
Carrot: Meow!
The big monster return in the original, cute carrot form, and run for the meal.
Carrot: Traitor!
Cayenne: So, what now?

Panel 9 Pepper trow a red ballon, and run
Cayenne: What it is?

Panel 10 Cayenne move slowsly, one step after other, and then look again. Minutes later discover the true
Cayenne: It's just a ordinary ball!

Panel 11 Pepper covered behind a tree
Pepper: At least it worked
Cayenne: Not forever
Cayenne: Well, well... at least you learn something, and the same time, show me the most powerfull power.
Pepper: i do?
Cayenne: Brain! When you think, you can do anything, everything, even fool me with a ball.
Pepper: So i don't return into the orphan?
Cayenne: No... BUT
Cayenne take the pepper ear and move directly to the mountain of booksand other stuff in and out the house
Cayenne: Tomorrow you will order all the mess in and out of the house!

Scene 4: Pepper is cleaning the house, in the morning, moving books and collect potions...

Panel 12 Pepper is organizing the house, meanwhile Cayenne play with the ball with carrot Pepper: Is unfair!
Cayenne: True, now back to work! Now, come kittie...
Pepper: Ush!