Real friend

Scene 1

Panel 1: Pepper's House Tree, in the morning, with a piece of paper in the Mail inbox

Panel 2: Pepper discover in the mail inbox a invitation for "prince's party" today in the night Pepper: It's tonight!

Panel 3: Pepper imagine a handsome prince looking for her, who invite her a nice dance in a beautiful hall

Panel 4: After that, Pepper start looking for a dress in her bedroom, looking for something cute, maybe with flowers

Panel 5: Carrot is in the top of the mountain of dress in the floor like a dressmaker with his fingers like "OK" and happy face for Pepper using a cute dress very happy in front of a mirror

Scene 2

Panel 6: In the night. Pepper arrive with the invitation in her hand. Is a fancy party with high class princess and princes, mages, high class people, etc.

Panel 7: Pepper inside see the high class place, found her friends in a little far position

Panel 8: When Pepper walk forward, the handsome prince appear with a assistant not-very-handsome and lents, then, a wave of girl pass over Pepper, left her in the floor

Panel 9: The assistant clean Pepper a little
Assistant: Are you all right?

Panel 10:
Pepper: I'm fine, thanks

Panel 11: Then, the assistant invite Pepper for stay outside, Pepper accept

Panel 12: Meanwhile Pepper and the assistant walk outside, we can see the girls dancing with the prince like a tornado, put all the girl dizzie with a happy face saying "wow, that's was cool"

Panel 13: The assistant ask Pepper if her can dance
Pepper: I can't

Panel 14:
Assisant: I can teach you

Panel 15: Little foots of dancing

Panel 16: Dance like a pro

Panel 17: Pepper use her magic and dance a little in the air

Scene 3

Panel 18: After a hours, like a 00 hours, everybody walk toward to theirs houses, Pepper and the handsome prince too

Panel 19: Pepper and the assistant despite, meanwhile the other girls scream, cry and say goodbye to the prince

Panel 20: Inside the real vehicle, the assistant clean his face meanwhile the handsome prince back as the real form: a little mascot

Panel 21: Reveal final: the prince is the assistant, talk with his mascot
Prince: Have a fun?
Mascot: Answer saying yes with his head

Panel 22: Happy prince
Prince: "Me too, i found a real friend"