link   JG Loquet     - Reply

Awesome man ! Getting better all the time ! I'm seeing Pepper in a new way now 8P ;)

link   Wietskevde     - Reply

This giant fish has the best facial expressions! Really nice work, David, as always.

link   Bruno Bellator     - Reply

Fantástico. Simplesmente amo seu trabalho.

link   WhiteWolfSix     - Reply

<Fin> Haha, I know that's the usual send off but it just seems more applicable than ever.

link   bitflipper     - Reply

I guess in Hereva, the idiom isn't "having a frog in one's throat;" it's "cat scratching one's tonsils!"

link   Alexandra     - Reply

Such cute islands! And I just LOVE the victory-picture, such vivid colours and everyone looks so sweet! Extra points for that lovely coral crown for Carrot!

link   bob     - Reply

wow this is amazing

link   João Luiz     - Reply

Excellent, as usual !

link   furmal     - Reply

read about this cute story in imgur and right after first episode i bookmarked it, i freaking love pepper and carrot. amazing art and admire the details giving in each frame. love the stories so far. keep it up will be back for more. :> meow ♥

link   Jo     - Reply

Nice strip !
Pepper look very cute and smart in her swimsuit <3 And I love her straw hat, still with the witch hat form ^^.
I see Carrot has not finish with hairs problems yet... But just the tail this time hopefully. ^^

Have a nice end of day. :)

link   northierthanthou     - Reply

Very cute!

link   Donne Roma     - Reply

Interesting story, great job !

link   libre fan     - Reply

Très réussi!
Cela explique comment Jonas a été recraché par la baleine, ce qu'on nous avait toujours caché.
Et il doit bien y avoir qq part Puffy (OpenBSD)…

link   Vasudha and Sid     - Reply

What a beautifully rendered strip. Just found it yesterday through a Facebook reference. My 5 year old son and I enjoy Pepper and Carrot greatly and laugh together. I love that you used Angler fish to light the nasty big fish's throat, so innovative and so much attention to detail. If I had a ginger cat, he would surely be called Carrot.

link   StephanBored     - Reply

We've got zero tekst here, but a lot of hardcor. ;). It's also one of the best painted episode

link   guest513     - Reply

Pepper is older than i thought...

link   Cristelle     - Reply

Comme d'hab ça déchire!!

link   Nina     - Reply

This comic strip made me wonder what the other witches will look like if they're wearing beach attire or swimwear. I look forward to see all four of them in the next summer special haha :)

link   agario     - Reply

What a beautifully rendered strip

link   Vara Sylvette     - Reply

Poor Carrot's tail! That'll take until the next episode to grow back! :(

link   Madik     - Reply


link   Roland     - Reply

Très beaux dessins !

link   Tide     - Reply

Wonderful work David!

link   Sakura     - Reply

This one is my new favorite!

link   MoonRise     - Reply

I love the part at the end where you can see all the fish

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