The book of secrets

Scene 1

Panel 1: Shot from inside Pepper’s house. Pepper is walking on the ground floor of the house carrying a big pile of wooden boxes. They look heavy.
Pepper: Oh! It was about time to make some cleaning inside the potions room! I will throw this out!

Panel 2: Close shot of Pepper’s foot. The wooden panel under it is cracking due to the weight.

Panel 3: Pepper has fallen on the floor. She is sitting there, touching with her hands the “injured area” with all the boxes lying around her.
Pepper: That was close! These wooden panels should have been renovated a long time ago…

Panel 4: The weight of the boxes makes all the wooden panels under them break. The panel displays the exact moment where the boxes and Pepper are just falling into the hole.
Pepper: AHHHH!

Scene 2

Panel 5: Pepper is again lying on the floor, this time on a room below. The broken boxes are around her, everything around Pepper is clattered with the junk inside the boxes.
Pepper: Aouuuu… It hurts!

Panel 6: Pepper looks surprised. She is looking around her, using the wand to cast some light at her surroundings. There are old book shelves, an old table with a chair and a bed… everything covered with dust.
Pepper: I had no idea that there was another room under the basement! It looks like an old bedroom.

Panel 7: Shot from behind Pepper. We see Pepper staring at some kind of altar, and on top of the altar there is a big, old looking book.
Pepper: What is this?

Panel 8: Close shot of the book. The book looks really old, with a red wax seal to prevent it from opening. On the cover it can be read: The book of secrets. Cayenne. NEVER open.

Panel 9: Pepper is holding the book with both hands (one of them still has the wand too). She is about to crack the seal by opening the book. She looks very intrigued.
Pepper: Cayenne?! What can this possibly mean?

Panel 10: Shot of the hole. Cayenne is popping her head inside the hole and using her on wand to cast light.
Cayenne: Pepper! What the heck was that noise? Are you fine?

Panel 11: Same shot than before. Now Cayenne looks surprised, scared and angry at the same time. She is yelling at Pepper.
Cayenne: I do not know how you found this room! But I order to you to leave the book back to its place immediately! Do not dare to open it!

Panel 12: Close shot of Pepper. She looks angry. She is holding the book strongly against her chest and is shouting back at Cayenne.
Pepper: I bet this is a book with powerful spells that you do not want to teach me because you think I am not ready! Well, guess what! I am ready!

Panel 13: Cayenne is now inside the secret room, standing firmly. She is pointing her wand, still casting light, towards Pepper. She looks angry and defying.
Cayenne: Pepper, I will not repeat it again. Give me… that… book.

Panel 14: Pepper is in front of Cayenne. She is handing the book towards her, not very happy. Cayenne is reaching her hand to take it, still looking angry.
Cayenne: Very well, give it to me.

Scene 3

Panel 15: Cayenne is lying flat on the ground. Pepper is jumping using her back as jumping platform to reach the hole. She is reaching the border of the hole with a free hand and holding the book and the wand with the other arm and hand.
Pepper: Too slow old goat! I will just take a peep and I promise to give it back to you!

Panel 16: Shot from outside the house. Pepper is running towards the forest with the book under her arm. She look very happy and full of herself.
Pepper: That will teach her! I will show that old goat that I am ready to learn advanced spells! Anyway, the book was in MY house.

Panel 17: A lightning coming from behind makes Pepper’s hat fly into the air. Pepper looks terrified.

Panel 18: Pepper is looking back while running full speed. Cayenne is chasing her, also running full speed while throwing all sort of nasty spells towards Pepper.
Pepper: Ahhh!? Are you crazy? You could have kill me!
Cayenne: Next time I will not fail! Give that book!
Cayenne spells: Lightning! Freezing! Fire!

Panel 19: While escaping from Cayenne, Pepper is jumping over the old roots of a big tree. While jumping over the roots, she looks down at them.
Pepper: I can use this roots!

Panel 20: Close shot of Pepper. She is very focused and defying, pointing the wand towards Cayenne and shouting: Pepper: Root-Trap!

Panel 21: The roots of the tree surround Cayenne like a cage. Cayenne’s wand is flying into the air.
Cayenne: A root-trap spell? I was not expecting this! I am trapped!

Panel 22: Pepper smiles with a defying and menacing face. She is breaking the red seal of the book.
Pepper: Exactly! I am smarter than you think. And I will prove it to you by learning one of these secrets spells. Just a peek, and I will give the book back to you. Promise.

Panel 23: Close shot of the open book. It is Cayenne’s personal diary. Glued to the pages we can see old pictures of a much younger Cayenne. In one of the pictures she is baking a cake. In another one she is giving a plate with a piece of cake to a young man. In this last picture Cayenne looks really shy and embarrassed (she is in love with him).
Text from the book: 14th of February. Dear diary, today is Saint Valentine’s Day. I baked a chocolate cake for Greg because I know it is his favorite. I gave it to him after class and I think he liked it! I hope that he will ask me out for the ball pram! Oh Greg! I cannot stop thinking about you!

Panel 24: Pepper has a face of incredulity mixed with total fear. She is looking towards Cayenne. Pepper knows that the punishment will be terrible. Cayenne looks really, really angry.
Pepper: But.. but… what is this?…
Cayenne: Just wait until I am out of here. I will teach you!