Rann 19: Saotradur

Comic pages of Pepper&Carrot comes from two sources: the illustration and the text.
This page offers links to download them, but also to download ready to use compiled rendering.

Cover of the episode

Lañvaz :

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
Attribution to:
Art: David Revoy.
Scenario: David Revoy.
Script-doctor: Craig Maloney.
Inspiration: Scenario of Juan José Segura "the book of secrets".
Beta-readers: Alex Gryson, Nicolas Artance, Seblediacre, Valvin.
Troidigezh : [Brezhoneg] Stefan Carpentier.

Credit for the universe of Pepper&Carrot, Hereva:
Creation: David Revoy.
Lead Maintainer: Craig Maloney.
Writers: Craig Maloney, Nicolas Artance, Scribblemaniac, Valvin.
Correctors: Alex Gryson, CGand, Hali, Marno van der Maas, Moini, Willem Sonke.

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Collage of all pages into a single image file:
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