link   Marcos   , - Reply

Congratulation, amazing episode, love your storytelling, always a marvelous twisting in the end.
I'm not a patreon but for sure when printing compacts became available i will buy.

link   Aixlen   , - Reply

Wonderful as ever!! I couldn't wait for this one, neither for the next one!! You are the best David!!

link   Jo   , - Reply

Beaux dragons !
J'avais deviné pour la plante, mais très bonne trouvaille le dentiste gratuit ^^
Au pire, Pepper pourra toujours revendre son stock de dents au premier chevalier errant en mal de trophée qui passera.

link   LuckyLuigi   , - Reply

Loved it as always.
Never give up, never surrender ! :)

link   eleefece   , - Reply

My favorite so far!

link   Chalo Canaria   , - Reply

Pepper's face at the end, hahahaha!
Great as ever, David!

link   Kyrio   , - Reply

As always, your illustrations are insanely beautiful. I can guess why this one took longer than usual, as there is a large variety of landscapes, colors, perspectives and effects.

link   Craig Jones   , - Reply

This was very well written, and the ending was funny. I do love the color ranges you are getting in the panels, too

link   j-rocky   , - Reply

I think you're not doing an experiment with pencil anymore? so everything here is looks digital painted? btw Good Work!

link   zosia   , - Reply

Może Pepper się wybierze na wyprawe do smoczej jaskini i by zrobili b występ i sklep z przyjaciółmi

link   Will   , - Reply

That was fantastic! I've seen a lot of dragons but never a swamp dragon; that should be explored in an episode some how? Mud...EXCELLENT way of approaching the field of dragons! Don't get me wrong, the other ones are great too!

link   anubhav   , - Reply

Very well illustrated and inspiring work! Made me laugh!! Thnks fr ur work..

link   Bárbara   , - Reply

I love Pepper & Carrot! So cute, so magic, so funny! ^^

link   Pedram   , - Reply

Wonderful! :)

link   Kamean   , - Reply

So funny!
So cute!

link   Sophy   , - Reply

i like it!

link   Hugo   , - Reply


link   Arsene_M   , - Reply

Pepper ne fais peut être pas une bonne Chaosah mais c'est une véritable génie ^^
Super épisode !

link   Nauard   , - Reply

Excellent !
Et les illustrations sont magnifiques, comme d'habitude :)

link   Ryan   , - Reply

HA! I love it!

link   HYang   , - Reply

Hahaha poor dragons. Priceless.

link   Artful Butterfly   , - Reply

So fun to read!! love the blue bird's shocked expression. You are a master at drawing emotions!

link   Kevin Dwiki Saputra   , - Reply

This is very heartwarming and funny. I really love it, really :D

link   Koreykilbane   , - Reply

I think my favorite little detail in this one was Carrot's helmet pot. The whole thing is great, but I just think that Carrot believing that pot will protect him from dragons is adorable.

link   Vincent   , - Reply


link   french business school   , - Reply

Yay another episode ! Well sir you deserve big applause. This is insanely awesome !

link   Socnat   , - Reply

Is this digitally painted ? If so, you nailed it dude.The swamp dragon thing is freaky awesome !

link   Victor Cavalcanti   , - Reply

I'm amazed at the ending! That light-hearted humour is lovable!

I'd like to ask about your storytelling (or writing mode, really). Do you plan one episode at a time, one after another, or do you already have a lot of episodes planned and written ahead of the one you're drawing at the time?

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Victor Cavalcanti : Thank you, I write many ideas on notes, sometime full episodes aside drawing/painting. Most of the time, it's just scenes, interesting starts, or endings. I also have a background story that I try to follow. I try to not write too much ahead, because I like the freedom to insert in a episode content related to what I'm living: my emotions, my inspiration and things that interest me. This way I can sync my emotions while painting with the mood of the episode. Each episode, I try to solve this puzzle and create a new story. Thanks again for your comment!

link   Victor Cavalcanti   , - Reply

@David REVOY

Thank you for the insight! With my current project I've always tried to write as many pages ahead as I could, but when I get to draw the page after having written it a lot of time ago it feels a little bit disconnected from the point I am right now. It's nice for continuity, since I can plan really ahead, but feels a little weird at the same time.

link   cefam   , - Reply

I’ve been waiting for this one. As usual, awesome storytelling and amazing drawing skills. I liked the dentist part :D

link   LiquidMetal   , - Reply

Wow, I love the dragon picture!

link   Mewbits   , - Reply

This is such a cute comic!

link   vos-Dents-blanches.fr   , - Reply

Sujet extra, je vais le partager sur facebook

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