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Amazing job... as always! Carrot is a real genious :)

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This is so sweet, it moved me to tears. Thank you so much for your work! It makes me very happy. (:

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How do you come up with ideas?

link   EIREXE     -

Once more, you bring us a great episode, have a nice weekend!.

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Merry early Christmas David! (as I may be out soon)
And thanks for another great comic. Keep it up!

link   David     -

Excellent as always. Beautiful colours!

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Not much to translate ha? And Miss I-Ruin-All-My-Potions prove that nick again :D

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love this!! so sweet! and excellent artwork as always!

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Lovely Carrot!

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amazing! loved the teapot moon

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Cute! :)

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C'est quand même super beau pour les yeux toussah !

J'aime bien les histoires qui se comprennent sans dialogue, parce que raconter quelque chose sans parler, bah c'est pas ce qu'il y'a de plus simple !

Chouette épisode 20 :)

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hhhh Miss I-Ruin-All-My-Potions is living up to her name. Great episode as always, and lovely art ^^

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IDK, the genius potion from ep4 is still efcting carrot. that's one good potion :)

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Reminds me of that Powerpuff Girls episode. This story is way better, though.

Great work as always, David.

Sorry for not being able to translate more of your tutorials. College has been really hard but I've finally done for this semester. I hope you're still interesed.

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Great works with Great Story David!

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Touching! Quite a nice story.

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A plunger? Hmmm, well as long as the donkey's happy..XD

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David, t'envoies du lourd, ça ventouse ! Lle coup du débouche évier, je m'incline, respect total et remerciement sincère, en plus d'un voeux de joyeux noël :D

Hep, j'écoute ce qui suit en boucle depuis 2 heures, retour aux seventies, ça pourrait t'inspirer un épisode ;)
c'est une chanson du groupe FIREBALL FC : « Dr Gonzo » (Live!), tiré de l'album « French melancholy »

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She could also have used a carrot :-)

From PBF Comics:

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Yeah when Carrot held up the carrot in the tenth or so panel I was reminded of this :P

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Merry Christmas, David! Best wishes and inspiration!

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Pour Noël, Carrot a écrit à David :

link   David Revoy   Author, -

Haha :) Merci!

link   libre fan     -

Et c’est bien sûr en rapport avec l’épisode 20

link   SethRichard     -

Amazing artwork and content as usual, David! I love how you do the trees by the way, and the attention to detail is really nice, it's so enjoyable to just scan each panel for minutes. I always look forward to Pepper and Carrot's antics, they're cute and hilarious! I can tell you really put your heart into this, which can be hard to find in some works. Keep it up! :)

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Lovely story without words this time around, which can be a real challenge! Was sad to miss it before Christmas, but it found me when I was having a bad day, and it cheered me up greatly. Stunning art. It's nice to see Pepper in her old clothes, but my very favorite part was teapot moon. How whimsical, and how strangely perfect.

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Variante en français / Esperanta Aliigado:

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Nice Webcomics. Meanwhile just have a glimpse of my blog

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i love narwhals :D

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Amazing artwork and content as usual, David!

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Aww! How sweet, and silly 😄🙃🦄. Absolutely love this comic!

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Anything is possible with plungers!😆🦄🐎

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Memories , a crow looked at all the birds with there colorful feathers , with the depressing of his gloomy look , he decided to hide the black of his with other fallen feathers of other birds , all looked at that colorful new bird , but suddenly a predator attacked the place the crow tried to hide in the shadows using his own black but this made him as a meal , he was no longer black and he was so colorful that the predator saw him over a mile

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Beautifully creative! I love the compassion, genius, and the beauty of this!

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i really love the art

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Love it keep up the great work

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Cool idea, like this I can be a unicorn, too! Where did I put the toilet plunger...

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