Play time

Part 1

Panel 1: Pepper's House Tree in the morning, with Carrot, organizing the house and try to cleaning when her found something

Panel 2: Pepper found a old bag with toys, her start to play with the old toy with enthusiasm thinking in the past

Panel 3: Carrot capture the toy and run with him in his mouth

Panel 4: Pepper run out for Carrot, her want the toy back

Panel 5: Carrot hit with a kid, the kid start to cry so pepper try to console him

Panel 6: The kid don't stop crying so Carrot use some magic and create funny things in the air, some of then looks like the Pepper's Toy

Panel 7: The kid try touch the toy, but it's disappear, so the kid put a sad face

Panel 8: Pepper, with resignation, see your toy and think

Panel 9: Pepper give the toy to the kid, and his react so happy, don't think twice and jump over pepper and give a hug

Panel 10: The kid point a pepper go through some trees and found a couple of toys using branch in a little house tree

Panel 11: The kid give his rustic toy to pepper like interchange, pepper accept

Part 2

Panel 12: Pepper back into the house with a branch as a toy, then discover the time has fly and any time her aunts back and could scold her for don't get the house ready

Panel 13: Pepper Start to organize the mess in the house but can't in the time. instead her aunts scold her, start to clean the house ASAP

Panel 14: We can see the witches running, cleaning.

Panel 15:
Pepper: What happen?

Panel 16:
Thyme: shut up! anytime will come a luxurious client

Panel 17:
Pepper: And?

Panel 18:
Thyme: Because you're a failure as Chaosah witch, we need work for that! Now take that broom and start to clean!

Panel 19:
Pepper: and using magic, will be finished faster?

Panel 20:
The aunts: Never use magic for things like that! but it's a emergency so...

Panel 21: The witches clean the house using magic only this time

Panel 22: Enter into the house a big men, little older, with rich clothes and a bag full with gold coins. the man put the bag little opened in the table, and a long list of potions to the witches

Panel 23: The rich men sit meanwhile the other witches run looking for the recipes, Thyme looking for the magic book, cayenne looking for glass jar and Cumin mixing in the witch pot

Panel 24: Very tired, the 3 witches and pepper give all the potions from the list to the rich men. The rich men still don't talk but take all and give the gold to the witches

Panel 25: The witches looks happy, meanwhile, the rich men walk slowly to the outside
Thyme: We are rich! Thyme imagine herself covered with gold and jewels
Cayenne: At least! a better house! Cayenne imagine a better house
Cumin: a better witch pot! Cumin imagine a BIG witch pot!

Panel 26: The witches touch the bag of the money, and then, a explosion happen. when the smoke disappear, the are immobilized with a sticky bond and the gold is gone! The rich men show himself as a thief.
Thief: Thanks for the potions! Bye bye!

Panel 27: Pepper try to run, but her still immobilized, and then the boy from the morning who was hided in a tree near hit in the head to the thief, putting him into sleep

Panel 28: We can see the thief running meanwhile the Chaosah witches use the thief as target shooting. in other hand, pepper and Carrot is in the house with a gift with a paper saying "Sorry and thanks" drinking tea and cake with the boy and Carrot