link   Kelidori   , - Reply


link   bloodywing   , - Reply

OMG that laser pointer thing it soooo much 'cat'. I love this ep. <3

link   Vincent   , - Reply

Excellent travail ! Surtout au niveau des couleurs, comme d'habitude.
Comment avez-vous fait pour animer le laser ?

link   Lucius   , - Reply

What happened to the potions of poshness etc. that were entered in the potion contest?

link   Kamean   , - Reply


link   Amic   , - Reply

Joli !
Juste une petite typo (double) en français : « q’un horyzon » → « qu’un horizon ».

link   j-rocky   , - Reply

You still use traditional pencil for this episode? it looks so clean and so many digital painting techniques here, and i see you have explored the color palette from previous episodes. Nice!

link   预调   , - Reply


link   Xavier   , - Reply

5 case en partant du bas il y q une faute d orthographe a corriger sinon c est excellent

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Amic & @Xavier : Merci! c'est fixé ici :)

@j-rocky : Yes, but I went a bit perfectionist with my pencil smoothing line. True, I mixed 3D, fractals, filters and many other techniques. I made a lot of fun screenshot during the making-of. I'll post it on the 'extra' soon.

@Lucius : Potion of Poshness is the style of Saffron ; this episode was about all the "non-serious" potions Pepper made.

@Vincent : Thanks! The lazer is animated with Blender ; it's a single vertex moving around with a particle system and a halo material. The animated frames are rendered as a gif with GIMP. I'll do a making of about it in 'extra/bonus'.

@预调 : Thank you for the really nice comment :)

@Kamean, @bloodywing , @Kelidori : Thank you!

link   Arsene_M   , - Reply

Super épisode =)
Merci pour la perspective d'un nouveau systéme d'édition !

link   libre fan   , - Reply

Décidément, Carrot et les potions… même dans ce ménage d'automne, il arrive à faire des bêtises.

Quelle bonne idée, toutes les couleurs de l'automne (feuilles et ciel) avec les couleurs des potions! C'était la bonne saison de répandre toutes ces couleurs.

P03: typos en version FR
* champ pas d'S au singulier
* accent qui manque sur réf*e*rentiel: référentiel

À bientôt pour un essai de traduction en EO ;-)

link   libre fan   , - Reply

Zut raté une autre typo:
P01 une vraie sorcière ne doi*s* pas : ne *doit* pas avec un T.

link   逗比   , - Reply

这得多少钱啊!不想要给我啊!别这么浪费!玻璃瓶子也是一大堆钱啊!= =

link   Chen Xinzhi   , - Reply

居然有物理知识 这作品真是非常有趣

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Arsene_M : ...et un grand merci pour le soutient! ;-)

@libre fan : Merci! c'est à présent fixé. A bientôt pour l'EO ( j'ai un petit train de retard d'ailleur sur la mise à jour de l'EO ).

@逗比 : Haha, yes, that's a big waste of potions. Thanks for the comment!

@Chen Xinzhi : Thank you! I received a big help from Alexander ( while translating the english main version ) and he has a background in physic too. Here I'm a hobbyist about it.

link   Rainbow-Spike   , - Reply

волшебно @_@

link   Annie   , - Reply

Serves her right (the mean old witch lady!)

link   Sonia   , - Reply

I have tried to play " match the bottle" on that huge pile of potion bottles and I cant imagine you drawing out so many and painting them.. what did you DO!!? =D Amazing liquidy effect! I have binge-read all the Pepper episodes... now my life has no meaning until the next episode!!!!

link   Bonaventura Aditya Perdana   , - Reply

Awesome episode, I feel so excitement while translating. Did you notice for Indonesian version, I add some link to Wikipedia (page 5) to explain readers. Because it's reaaaly hard to explain with own words. :)

link   Nina   , - Reply

Amusing episode, David. At least all that needs to be done is to bury the glass shards, which is far easier than burying an entire mound of potions.

I can't help but notice that Carrot stands on two feet sometimes and uses his front legs as if they were hands. Is Carrot an anthropomorphic (human-like) cat in Pepper's world? Or did Pepper enchant Carrot with a spell or potion so he could carry thick books or boxes of potions like a human? Just curious about Carrot. Thanks.

link   David REVOY   Author , - Reply

@Nina : Hey thanks ! :) Yes : Carrot is an anthropomorphic cat, but almost all creature are anthropomorphic in P&C ( eg. episode 3 page 1 and 2, the Komona market : http://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article2 … ents#page1 ).

@Bonaventura Aditya Perdana : That's something nice to add the links. Too bad I can't make them easy to click ^__^ thank you for the translation!

@Sonia : I mixed Blender 3D and a filter in Gimp named 'multifill' to speedup everything. I'll post soon something about it.

@Annie : :-D

@Rainbow-Spike : thx!

link   libre fan   , - Reply

@ David
Je relis tranquillement ma traduction en EO.
Merci beaucoup pour la mise en ligne de tous les autres fichiers corrigés pour l'EO :-)

link       , - Reply


link   ↑我就是上面那个人,没错   , - Reply


link   almos   , - Reply

Awesome comic, as usual. However, how do they know about Lagrange?

link   cfdev   , - Reply

Always pleasure to read Pepper and Carrot! I love the vortex effect and amazing color as usual.
Good episode.

link   Ice Raven   , - Reply

*cfdev* well MAGIC of corse ! :P

link   Ice Raven   , - Reply

Sorry was for cfdev ,.,.,.,.,.,. MAGIC of corse ! :lol:

link   Ice Raven   , - Reply

almos ,.,.,.,.,.,., (Sorry)

link   D. Clarke   , - Reply

Wow, This is the first time, have heard about pleasant scientific explanation from a witch. I love it!, wish you all the best.

link   Cédric   , - Reply

Hey vraiment sympa ce que tu fais, je ne connaissais pas du tout :)
Pile ce que j'adore en tout cas !

link   vm   , - Reply

neah.... this soft and kind of generic and shading is not as good as the painterly stuff you've done previously. but I like that you experiment. I'm learning from your experiments too.

link   Elias   , - Reply

Great to see your patronage is growing. Nice comic :)

link   bto132   , - Reply

Genial!! Gran capitulo! me encanta esta serie!

y sobre todo! Software Libre!!


link   Nickname   , - Reply

I am intrigued by the fact that she didn't just criticise Pepper for using magic, but also pointed out what Pepper did wrong and how she could have done it better. :) I get the feeling that Pepper could actually learn a lot from these witches.

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