link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

On previous episode (25), we ended on a panel where Pepper was punished and she had to read stacks of books. A possible interpretation was that books were boring!...Episode 26 was created to evacuate this faulty interpretation.

That's how "Books Are Great" was born. This episode shows without obviously telling how Pepper is slowly growing and evolving. This episode also fills a period undefined of time after the rebuild of the house. So, it will let me jump directly to a new arc on the next episode.
I hope you'll like this episode with its mix of adventure/comedy.

link   Douglas Brebner     - Reply

I love the "she's crazy" gesture at the end.

link   Ruslan     - Reply

Your work always brings a small burst of pure joy into my life and makes me feel like a kid, watching a new episode of my favorite cartoon series.I miss those childish magical episodes where Pepper and Carrot would lie in the snow and make snow angels or girls would rush through a castle in a magical DnD game, but this doesn't mean I would want the Pepper series develop any other way.

Anyways, happy that a new episode of my favorite web comic is out. Great job, David, I don't think I will ever get tired of watching Pepper and Carrot have fun in the magical land of your imagination =)

link   dadoprom     - Reply

this is so beautifully drawn... just wow

link   Ernesto     - Reply

I like, thank you

link   Nartance   Contributor, - Reply

Once again, congratz for this new lovely episode ^_^

link   igor giuseppe     - Reply

very creative episode.
dragon cow seal of creativity

link   igor giuseppe     - Reply

also, the art was good as ever, and the sense of adventure was great, its just sad that it didnt last longer.

link   Midgard   Contributor, - Reply

I think this is my favourite episode so far. The art is breathtaking and reading this at HD resolution… just… wow. I'm super proud to be a part of this. Thank you for creating Pepper&Carrot.

link   Zahk Cyntayl     - Reply

Wow David, of all the webcomics I've read, yours is by far my most favorite! It's so rendered and I can see a lot of details and hard work put in every panel that I can just literally stare and take in every corner of the art for a very long time. Huge round of applause from me David, good job!

link   Adam     - Reply

Thank you again for sharing Pepper and Carrot with us. My daughter and I are always eagerly awaiting the next episode. She was super excited and jumped for joy when I told there was a new one.

link   Lucas     - Reply

Extrañaba tus historias, estubo muy divertida XD

link   William Mckee     - Reply

Hi David - great episode. I'm really enjoying redrawing elements such as the water-tree and 'thing'. Any chance you could update the sources/sketches - especially enviorments. Also they don't have to be cleaned up - any pencil/line works are awesome.
thanks for everything.

link   tofei     - Reply

LOLed at the Guardian at the credits getting a new pair of shiny boots to replace his sandals which exposes his weakness!

link   freynir     - Reply

Oh yes, the books are wonderful! In situations like above i preffered to use Web...s dictionary. It have additional effect- field of stars with rainbow colours. And works even on plate helmet!

link   Misty Tales     - Reply

Thank you, I really like this episode!

link   Andres     - Reply

I would love so much two things about this cute comic, 1: I would like to see an animation adaptation, and 2: I would like that exist a video game about this comic, would be outstanding because of the beauty of the world. Thank you so much for this episode, waiting for the next one! :)

link   Ivana     - Reply

I read your webcomic a few days ago. It's so pleasant to come back and see a new chapter has been released! Thank you so much for your hard work. Do you think there will be a chance Pepper and Carrot gets an animation adaptation and a video game? I would so watch and play those games. :D

link   AlbinoCookie     - Reply

I love how I stopped reading a book to read this. Your comics really brighten my day, I love every single one of them! Keep 'em coming!

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